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  1. No friends at Crystal but our travel agent had been following up diligently. I don't know if Chase made an inquiry to Crystal; the rep said she was preparing a letter to me as we were speaking. The letter said the merchant denied that the amount was owed. Reports on these boards indicate that a number of other March cancellations received refunds around the same time.
  2. I have posted this before, but it bears repeating; I cancelled a September 2021 cruise on March 24, waited more than 90 days, and attempted to file a dispute with CSR. Chase's website does not permit customers to dispute a charge after more than sixty days have passed, so I spoke with a customer service rep and her supervisor, but they refused to allow me to file the dispute. They said I could not dispute the charge because I had requested the refund more than 60 days prior to making the request. I explained the 90-day "policy" announced by Crystal but they would not move off their position t
  3. As previously posted, this happened to me as well. I got the same letter and the customer service rep for CSR told me she was preparing it as we were on the phone (making it hard to believe that any investigation was done).
  4. I received my refund from Crystal at Day 143, so it is moot now.
  5. That is correct, Paulchili. On Chase's website, you can dispute a charge by clicking on the charge and marking it disputed, but that feature is only available for charges made within the past two statement periods. You have to call to make a dispute relating to a charge that was made more than 60 days ago. One further clarification: The Chase representatives did not confirm that they would have accepted my dispute if it had been made within 60 days of cancelling the Crystal cruise; rather, they implied that they would have done so when they said I could not make a dispute because
  6. It had been more than 60 days since I requested the refund from Crystal. It was my first attempt to dispute the charge.
  7. I tried online but the website only allows you to dispute a charge made less than than 60 days ago. I called and spoke with a rep and the rep’s supervisor, and they both told me I could not dispute the charge. I received a follow up form letter denying my request. I posted this because many posters have suggested that timing is not a factor in making a CC dispute.
  8. Thanks to SusieQft and all who have posted on this board for the valuable information you've provided during this frustrating wait for refunds. I've been "lurking" and haven't previously posted about our request. We made a deposit on a September 2021 cruise last year, and we cancelled that cruise through our wonderful TA on March 24. She has been following up diligently, and a few days ago, Crystal told our TA the refund was being processed. Today, on Day 143, we received the funds (less a $200 administrative charge) as a credit to our CC. A cautionary note for those who have not yet received
  9. I loved my free “broom closet” at the Gritti! No view, but we had the terrace for that.
  10. We sailed Venice to Venice on a cruise in September 2019 and stayed one night at the Danieli and one night at the Gritti. I love luxury hotels and have stayed at many of the best (the Ritz in Paris, Adare Manor in Ireland, Grand Bretagne in Athens) and I was bowled over by both hotels. The decor is gorgeous and you know you are somewhere very special (no minimalism here); the staff is very gracious; and the location of both hotels is excellent, with their own water taxi docks on the canal (no schlepping suitcases). My favorite was the Gritti, as it was in perfect condition and had doors onto
  11. We honeymooned in a junior suite on the Star Princess in 1993. In those days, only Hal and Princess cruised Alaska, and only suites had balconies. We departed on September 11 (at that time, the last sailing of the year) and the weather was great. We enjoyed a sunny day in Glacier Bay, which is very unusual. We were told that it snowed that week the previous year. One other bonus of sailing in September: the mosquitos were gone.
  12. Very bittersweet after a week of all COVId-19, all the time. Thanks!
  13. If possible, you should select a cruise that goes to Glacier Bay. The view of the glaciers is spectacular. Most luxury cruises do not cruise Glacier Bay, as access is limited and HAL and Princess dominate the Alaska market.
  14. You will love Crystal! I suspect that your daughter and bf will enjoy the ports,the sushi at Umi Uma and the Brazilian restaurant, where they can dine under the stars in shorts (horrors!)
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