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  1. We don’t get refundable deposits in the UK 🙁
  2. You would have thought that Celebrity would put a notice or something on the website advising people that the cruises haven’t disappeared and it’s just a temporary “glitch”. Have I just made a joke 🤔
  3. I’ve been keeping an eye on a couple of Equinox cruises recently and the prices have been getting ridiculously higher and higher, so much so that they’ve now flown into oblivion 🤨
  4. I just tried to search for a cruise for later this year, I gave up, then gave feedback saying I’m surprised anyone can find anything.. i believe the site site to be really user unfriendly. Surely it’s not too much to ask to be able to put in a date , a destination and maybe a ship , all on one screen and then be given your options! Mr Ordinary shouldn’t have to be an IT wiz and change search engines etc just to research a cruise. Sorry, rant over. 🤪
  5. We pre booked and had a really good day and I know one couple managed to get a cart because of a “no show” but be very careful if you stop to look at anything on your journey and leave the golf cart, make sure you take your valuables with you. There were some people who just stopped for a minute and when they went back to the cart, everything had been taken. We did see them on the road a bit later and it looked as though they found a bag which had been thrown into the bushes, but I don’t know if they found everything . A good, fun, way to see the island and it’s amazing how tolerant the other road users are to the golf carts, but just be mindful. It’s very easy to think it’s the beautiful Caribbean and all is good in the world. There are some people out there who are chancers.
  6. We are now sort of almost retired, so can choose when and we also have a preference for a quieter season . In recent years we have cruised in September as it’s DPs birthday and this year it’s a ‘big one ‘ 😱. We’ve always booked cruise only and sourced flights and transfers ourselves as we usually use Avios and companion vouchers, but I wonder if using Choice Air might be better in this case. ( plus we’ve used our last companion voucher and there’s none on the horizon)
  7. Thanks chemmo and others for your advice and experiences. We’ve cruised the Caribbean a few times after flying into Miami and have always arrived at least one day before but that’s always been in December. Even risked a non direct flight once via Chicago which was in hindsight, risky due to the snow, but we had no delays. I must admit, while I know it’s the hurricane season, I’d completely overlooked the fact of the possibility of flight delays / cancellations. I was looking at the September cruise as even with the flight etc, it’s less costly and a longer cruise than anything out of Europe. As as mentioned before, we have been to the Caribbean a few times and wouldn’t be too upset if they had to change or miss ports and we’ve also sailed on some rough seas, so all in all, I think it’s all about making a decision and that my friends is a greater issue ! 😅
  8. They say the steadier you lose it, the longer it stays off. Maybe it’s a bit too soon to start now, perhaps next decade 😜
  9. It depends how small you can make each item. It’s been suggested that rolling is the way to go. I don’t recollect there being a quantity limit, it’s just a paper bag, but it’s not huge.
  10. We haven’t ....yet. Have you? Would you ? If we could, should we ?? 🤔
  11. When would be the best time to start your pre-cruise diet 🤔
  12. On our recent cruise from FLL, we arrived in Miami from the UK, they didn’t take our declaration form or stamp our passports. When we got off the cruise, the agent stopped and questioned my DP as his passport is new with no stamps at all. He said that it hadn’t been recorded that he’d even come into the US, we had to show other documents and he wasn’t particularly friendly. He said that the agents on our arrival hadn’t done their job properly. We just shrugged our shoulders, smiled (fairly) sweetly and the guy eventually let us through 😅
  13. Forgive me if there are already pics on here but we took some pics of Edge whilst we were docked alongside her recently, which may be of interest to some of you. We were originally booked on the 3 day trip on 1st December but changed to a 9 day on Silhouette then a 14 day on Holland America , greedy I know 😊, but it worked for us.
  14. Thanks CherryG, we’ll be on the NA in a Signature Suite which is yet to be assigned in just over 2 weeks. If you took a pic of the balcony I’d really appreciate a look please 😊
  15. We have been on two TA crossings, both from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona, one on Celebrity Reflection and one on Oceania Riviera which is a smaller ship. Our crossing on the Reflection was bordering on amazing. The Captain would do his midday announcement and said that he basically had nothing to say, continuous glass-like seas, beautiful blue sky, warm temperatures. Not even a ripple to report let alone waves. The following year, at exactly the same time of year it was a completely different story. We had to skirt the storm in the Atlantic and had to miss the stop in the Azores. The ship was rocking and rolling and although only has approximately 1200 pax, handled the seas well. It certainly made for some interesting video shots. Anyway, I suppose the message in this is that, as others have said before, you can never be certain of what Mother Nature has in store, so be prepared to be “flexible”
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