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  1. My cruise was June 9th to Alaska. Officially canceled by Carnival on April 1st. Filled out the online form the same day. Received over 14k this evening on my credit card. Refunds for cruise fare and excursions for all 3 cabins 🙂
  2. My cruise was canceled by Carnival on April 1st. It was the June 9th to Alaska from Seattle. I have over 14k tied up from 3 cabins and excursions. I keep reading on this site, Facebook groups, and other sites that nobody has actually received a refund. The more I read, the sicker I feel. Especially since I see people who canceled before the ships all stopped sailing haven't received refunds either. This was our once in a lifetime trip. I can't imagine losing all of our money that we saved up. We didn't buy any insurance. Stupid, I know.
  3. I know that the OBC you get as a booking promotion is not part of your refund, but what about OBC that was from price drops for an early saver booking? I have $450 OBC for one of the cabins we booked. It was paid in full, then reduced quite a bit. But it's actual money that I paid already.
  4. Thanks for replying! I'm guessing the cruise will get canceled. Just wondered about canceling first or waiting. Either way, we will use the FCC to book another cruise hopefully later in the summer somewhere and save Alaska for a different year.
  5. I was just looking into my options regarding a June cruise to Alaska we have booked. When I go to Carnival's page and see the health and sailing update section, the part that had the "Choose fun with confidence" is no longer there. Anyone know if these options are not available any longer?
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