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  1. GoArmy - I suggest that what Dolebludger forgot to say in his last post was that we all have our fingers crossed for the continuing health and safety of your family. The latest news in the UK is that they are transferring some passengers to the HAL Rotterdam which will then sail though the canal en route to Florida. The fate of the Zandaam is less clear but a prolonged sail up to SAN Diego seems a possibility taking 14 days or more so that the 131 sick people currently on board are given a chance to recover. Tragically four people have already died.
  2. Current positions Splendor San Diego Explorer Nassau Mariner Portland (SW Australia) Voyager Abu Dhabi Navigator approaching American Samoa
  3. Definitely worth a glass of something- thank you so much for your blog, one of the most dramatic if not always for the reasons you may have wanted. Quite the experience, I hope it went some way to mending your road.
  4. Mind you having just spoken to a doctor friend, I may have meant July 2021🤔
  5. Further to my earlier post, Greece has now effectively closed its borders to non-residents who will have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. TC I see this is due to be on Splendor. It’s a long way from SAN Diego to Athens, good luck
  6. I have a lifttle more optimism than that based on the slowdown of new cases in China and South Korea, particularly the latter. If Europe/USA can replicate that then by July the worst should be over and maybe cruising can restart. of course I am assuming that the cruise companies survive
  7. Tc - which ship is that -Voyager? Based on the current position, as reported, Greece is in a comparatively good position, but I think the biggest problem will be getting there and back. Not a bad idea though, given the insurance position with regard to FCC being time limited as discussed on another thread.
  8. JMariner - I hope you are wrong too, but I suspect you won’t be. Early to mid- July would be my guess, based on the apparent slowdown of the virus in China and South Korea.
  9. Marcia, very much hope you have a “quiet” end to your adventure in Fremantle. You will be in good company as the Queen Mary 2 is docked there. You are now passing one of my favourite wine regions in the World, the Margaret River area. Not sure if you indulge in such things, but see if the sommelier can rustle up something appropriate, you certainly deserve it!
  10. Explorer has now docked in Nassau. Wonder will she stay there. Seems sensible given the mass of boats in/around Miami.
  11. Another update😳 looks like no Covid 19 found on Azamara Pursuit as she has been released from the port in the Chilean fjords and is now sailing to Valparaiso for final disembarkation. Not such good news for Silver Explorer where one Covid 19 case confirmed. Ship confined to port.
  12. An update - the Silversea ship in Chile is the Silver Explorer, one of their smaller expedition vessels. However it is now being reported that there is a second ship involved, the Azamara Pursuit.
  13. kJ I believe there is another ship, Costa, off the coast of Marseille, currently not allowed to land anywhere - not sure if there is a positive test for Covid 19 but clearly passengers showing symptoms. other than that I can say that the other Silversea ship is in the Chilean Fjords region. The ship in Recife (Silver Shadow) has been there for three days: a very good thread including live reports from three passengers on board on the Silversea CC forum - the main concern appears to be a lack of Laurent Perrier😊
  14. Seems that the port of Miami is rather busy at the moment as Explorer has gone out to sea again. As of now apparently anchored just north of Great Stirrup Kay. There are at least 50 cruise ships in or around Miami. Meanwhile Mariner is slowly making her way to the south west tip of Australia- appears that with the current ban on cruise ships, which is not actually a ban as such but anyone disembarking has to go into 14 day quarantine, she is not landing at any of the possible ports of call such as Esperance or Albany, as she makes her way to Fremantle. What happens when she gets there?
  15. Explorer back in Miami, Navigator has docked at Tauranga, north island New Zealand and has terminated there. That leaves Mariner the only ship still sailing with passengers en route to Fremantle where world cruise terminates. Voyager still seemingly en route to Abu Dhabi which has just announced no foreigners will be granted entry visas, so April 16 looking very unlikely.
  16. Susan i broadly agree. I suggest that in practice cruising outside of the US will shut down now and possibly for longer than 30 days. More and more countries are curtailing international travel and not just cruise boats, making international cruising an effective impossibility. Thinking of your next already curtailed Voyager cruise, the news this morning that Saudi Arabia has banned international flights, with UAE likely to follow, is not great for you and fellow would be cruisers. other Regent ships also appear to have a very uncertain future. For instance, Navigator. Obviously her next few cruises from New Zealand back across the Pacific are cancelled, but beyond that the Alaska and the USA/Canada east coast cruise season is effectively over until July and Iceland is not taking cruise ships at the moment. So, apparently nothing until late June for Navigator. How will Regent or NCLH survive that length of non-operation? If Donald Trump actually does do something regulatory to help, it might need to be temporary repeal of the Jones Act allowing Regent to run normally staffed cruises even where no foreign port is involved.
  17. Per www.cruisemapper.com Explorer has, not surprisingly, turned round and is heading back towards Miami. As of now about halfway between the north of the coast of Cuba and the south west coast of the Bahamas. obviously I am very sorry for all on board. Pity we don’t appear to have any CC forum bloggers on board.
  18. Mariner is on the 2020 World cruise at the moment albeit on a very deviated course. When you say cancellation I assume you are referring to potential passengers who had booked the next segment who presumably cannot now board the ship for that segment. Leaving aside the question of possible political intervention, the ships most immediately in danger of interruption would appear to be Voyager ( the next voyage is scheduled from Abu Dhabi from 16 April but given the likely non-availability of ports in either Egypt and/or Israel and the declining position in the Med then there has to be some doubt with that cruise) and Navigator which was due to be sailing in the Pacific region, another area with very reduced port options.
  19. Tc please note my edit on my previous post. Wishing you and yours Bon voyage
  20. the DT press conference has been reported on BBC news here in the UK, indeed further comment from their Washington DC correspondent was broadcast just a few moments ago. Along with the travel restrictions previously mentioned, additional Federal emergency powers are considered likely as well as some personal comments by DT with respect to his meeting with the Brazilian president last weekend which now appears to have involved staff who have since tested positive for Covid 19. So, to be clear, not a report on what has happened but an educated guess by the BBC on what may happen
  21. Major press conference by Donald Trump at 8.00pm (GMT - 3.00pmEST). Being reported here in UK that further lockdown measures in USA are expected including immediate suspension of cruise ship activity in USA and for all US residents to be advised that all foreign travel should not be taken.
  22. This has now been expanded as Spain has declared a State of National Emergency similar to the one in Italy. All cruise ships cannot use any Spanish port. The UK FCO have advised no travel to Spain
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