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  1. 3 hours ago, Caroldoll said:

    I think this is only for this crisis

    I would agree that this is the immediate aim of the restrictions in that it is creating protocols to deal with passengers getting off ships that now require to finish their journey in the US, post Zaandam.

    However what are the chances of the cruise lines deciding at the same time as the CDC that cruising should resume. In practical and financial terms, this takes that decision completely out of the hands of the cruise companies, and, in my humble opinion, is likely to delay resumption of cruising, involving the USA and US passengers at least, for many months, because the responsibility for the resumption of cruising now passes to the government, and, in a potential election year, I cannot see DT taking any risks on this.

  2. Hearing that cruise lines are now wholly responsible for travel back home from the cruise ship by private transportation and the cruise passenger then has to go into a 14 day isolation period. 

    Obviously there are no cruises now but this seems a huge obstacle to cruising re- starting in the US or involving US passengers. Canadians are also impacted.


    the source for this is the the You Tube channel “travel with Bruce”.

  3.  GOARMY


    fingers uncrossed, thank goodness.

    it is easy to criticise airlines, cruise lines etc. at the moment, and I wholly appreciate that I do not fully comprehend the experience with Alaska Air that your family had, but if you think about the thousands and thousands of people currently trapped far away from their homes, I suggest that all the travel companies are doing what they can.

    i have never flown Alaska Air, have absolutely no connection with them, indeed I had never even heard of them before, but perhaps, in normal times, they run a very good service. These days, that is very difficult 



  4. Based on my experience you will pay for your excursions at the time of booking by credit card if booked direct with Regent (might be different if you book via your TA). We are due to cruise with Regent at end of August and we have been advised that any refund via Regent Reassurance will include the full price paid of shore excursions 

  5. JHenry1 re yellow fever vaccine, I have had it twice as a fairly regular visitor to South Africa and Kenya, over a 15 year period (you should get a top up every 10 years). It is a bit different from other vaccinations as it is a “live” injection, normally into the top part of the arm. However really nothing to worry about; cases of a bad reaction are literally a million to one. My experience, both times, was a slightly hot sensation around the area of the injection for about 10 minutes. My doctor suggested this was fairly normal. Of course you should discuss having the vaccine with your doctor in case you have any relevant medical condition and I should say that I am NOT a doctor.

  6. GoArmy - I suggest that what Dolebludger forgot to say in his last post was that we all have our fingers crossed for the continuing health and safety of your family. The latest news in the UK is that they are transferring some passengers to the HAL Rotterdam which will then sail though the canal en route to Florida. The fate of the Zandaam is less clear but a prolonged sail up to SAN Diego seems a possibility taking 14 days or more so that the 131 sick people currently on board are given a chance to recover. Tragically four people have already died.

  7. Further to my earlier post, Greece has now effectively closed its borders to non-residents who will have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

    TC I see this is due to be on Splendor. It’s a long way from SAN Diego to Athens, good luck

  8. I have a lifttle more optimism than that based on the slowdown of new cases in China and South Korea, particularly the latter. If Europe/USA can replicate that then by July the worst should be over and maybe cruising can restart.

    of course I am assuming that the cruise companies survive

  9. Tc - which ship is that -Voyager? Based on the current position, as reported, Greece is in a comparatively good position, but I think the biggest problem will be getting there and back. Not a bad idea though, given the insurance position with regard to FCC being time limited as discussed on another thread.

  10. Another update😳 looks like no Covid 19 found on Azamara Pursuit as she has been released from the port in the Chilean fjords and is now sailing to Valparaiso for final disembarkation. Not such good news for Silver Explorer where one Covid 19 case confirmed. Ship confined to port.

  11. kJ I believe there is another ship, Costa, off the coast of Marseille, currently not allowed to land anywhere - not sure if there is a positive test for Covid 19 but clearly passengers showing symptoms.

    other than that I can say that the other Silversea ship is in the Chilean Fjords region. The ship in Recife (Silver Shadow) has been there for three days: a very good thread including live reports from three passengers on board on the Silversea CC forum - the main concern appears to be a lack of Laurent Perrier😊

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