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  1. I would like to think so....even I might complain otherwise. Lol sorry
  2. We have a two night pre-cruise stay in Stockholm in August. We are staying at The Sheraton. We are looking for good quality restaurants in the area not too far, walkable in 10-15 minutes, from the hotel. For one night we were thinking Operakallaren, as this a special night for us, and the restaurant looks like our kind of thing for a special night. For the other night, somewhere “romantic” in the Gamla Stan?
  3. For the port or sea day lunches in the speciality restaurants, on Explorer, do you need to make reservation in advance, and, if so, do you do this when you embark or before sailing? i should also be grateful to be told what sort of lunch menu is available in the speciality restaurants on the port and sea days. I presume it will not be the full menu of each restaurant.
  4. Our tour company (Red Sun) have indicated GB Sterling or Credit Card is accepted and no deposit or advance required
  5. Dogs4fun Thank you very much for the port schedule information in St.P, very useful to have this confirmed. Our tour guide has confirmed that they are not allowed to enter the port area for 90 minutes after the Regent excursion tour vehicles have entered on the first day only. This is not a problem as we shall return later than most of the Regent excursions, so we still get a reasonably full day and a bit longer in bed beforehand 😀. does anyone know of a similar cruise port schedule website for Stockholm? We have a pre-cruise stay there and need to get our own way to the ship For embarkation. No doubt Regent will eventually tell us, but I would like to get a transfer booked from hotel (Sheraton) to terminal (I am assuming Frihamnen) booked sooner rather than later. I have found websites which confirm Explorer being in Stockholm on 28 August 2020, but not which terminal
  6. We are Baltic cruising in August for 12 nights (including Amsterdam and Zeebrugge). Compared to previous cruises we have taken elsewhere this cruise looks very port intensive (only one day at sea) and many of the ports themselves seem to us to require extensive exploration, not least the three days in St.P. We also have a two night pre-cruise in Stockholm. although we are reasonably mobile and fit, day after day of extensive walking does not seem the perfect holiday, so we have identified two ports where we intend to try and take things a bit easier, namely Helsinki and Visby. Please do not think that I am downgrading these locations in any way, we simply felt we needed to limit ourselves for our own good. we are cruising on Regent Seven Seas and excursions are included, so we felt that completely slobbing on board for these two days was going a bit too far in the relaxation stakes. Hence we looked at comparatively walk free options. For Helsinki, which is our first port of call and sandwiched between our days in Stockholm and St.P, there is a quick panoramic bus tour of Helsinki where the bus then drives to Porvoo for the opportunity to do a limited amount of walking, drinking coffee and eating cinnamon buns which all sounds different to museums, art galleries and lots of city walking. But is it? Are we going to get to Porvoo and suddenly feel a need for greater exploration? Or are we making a big mistake in semi-ignoring Helsinki? For Visby, which we visit in the middle of the cruise and is our only tender port, the excursions offered by Regent all involve considerable walking, mainly round the walls and old town, or, for the still energetic, bicycle tours. What would you recommend in Visby for the lazy ( well, to be fair, the knackered rather than the lazy!)?
  7. I got a e-mail message from Graham, the UK managing direct for Regent, saying that he, and presumably other invited guests, would be boarding Splendor on 2nd February for a cruise from Ancona to Barcelona. not going at full speed it would seem, but perhaps they are going to practice a few port landings on the journey.
  8. Apologies, mixed you up with trosebery. We are on Regent Explorer which I would assume is small enough to possibly dock on the Neva, although Vasilyevsky is the most likely
  9. On the 90 minute wait rule for private tours on first day of arrival, we have a three day tour with Elena at Red Sun (who I think you know Dogs4fun) in August and she has confirmed that we will have to wait two hours after docking for our tour to start. can I slightly hijack this post (apologies) what happens if your ship docks on the Neva River embankment, which I understand does sometimes happen for smaller cruise ships if the main cruise port is very busy? presumably there would still be a wait on the first day.
  10. One other thing to possibly think about. When you say your cruise ends in London, do you really mean London, or is it Southampton? If it is the latter that would be another reason to opt for Amsterdam. Even if disembarkation were closer to London, say Tilbury, it is a comparatively difficult journey to Heathrow than it would be from Amsterdam port to train station. By 2021 we may even see the UK leave the European Union. The precise consequences of that are uncertain but it is not going to make travel between the two easier.
  11. Yes trosebery raises the all important point, which terminal is your ship using? As it is Royal Carribean, and thus a comparatively large ship, there is little chance of it being Stadsgarden. If your ship starts or terminates in Stockholm then it is more likely to be Frihamnen. As trosebery suggests, if it is Nynashamn, then forget hotels in Stockholm as you are about 40 miles from the city centre. i suggest you contact RC or your TA to see if they know which port your ship is using, or a bit nearer the time there are a number of websites that track cruise ships that will give you the details.
  12. The pdf appears on “My Account” and if I recall also on the Regent web site for the actual cruise.
  13. A few weeks before the date for making reservations for shore excursions a pdf will become available for download with all the excursions and their times and, if relevant, their cost or confirmation that they are free. Make sure that you are registered for the cruise on “My Account” and that you have the code numbers for the excursions you want. If there is a payment to be made, have a credit card ready. Good luck.
  14. TIf you are prepared to book your own “Troubles” tour, why not just do your own pub crawl. There is no great distance to walk and you will get plenty of friendly barmen who will provide better guidance than any tour guide. The Regent pub tour does go to some nice and interesting pubs, but not all of the best ones imo. You should not miss The Crown Bar for instance. Recommending a “troubles” tour is difficult- it really does depend what perspective you want. There are a number of different ones with startlingly varied itineraries and themes. I suspect “truth” or historical accuracy is somewhere in the middle, or maybe there is more than one truth. FWIW I lived in Belfast throughout the “troubles”, I have my own version but I do not seek to deny other versions, although some of the “tours” are little more than propaganda and warped history. It is also worth saying that Belfast has changed enormously since those days and many of the locations of the “incidents” are unrecognisable now. Yes, you will see the murals and the peace walls but whether you will get an accurate feeling of what it was like, I have to say I doubt it. My suggestion therefore is to contact the Northern Ireland Visitor Information Centre and see what they suggest (google it)https://discovernorthernireland.com/DC-Tours-A-History-of-Terror-Belfast-P34070/ my suspicion, going back to your original question about the Regent pub tour is that you may not necessarily be able to join the tour after it has started for logistical reasons. They simply cannot guarantee 100% to be in a certain pub at a certain time. finally can I say that my response is in no way to be taken as a criticism of anyone interested in the history of my country- personally I have a strange “passion” for the American Civil War and feel lucky to have been able to visit some of the battlefields and got what I felt were great tours. Back in Norn Iron, I suggest events are still a bit too recent to be able to guarantee that. can I just add that I have not been on the tour linked to above. It may not be the sort of tour you are looking for, but it does look like it will give you a balanced perspective
  15. Should not make too much difference, maybe some minor timing adjustments. Indeed for some excursions possibly a better place to dock
  16. Agreed and there was very limited choice for two daytime excursions on our Baltic cruise in August. The only ones we found were In Amsterdam.
  17. Just booked excursions in St P for our August cruise and yes the PDF of the excursions makes it clear that you can do a daytime excursion and an evening excursion on the same day.
  18. The normal cruise dock for Belfast is about a three mile walk to the city centre, say one hour. I believe that there is a shuttle bus service provided.
  19. T(1) yes it does depend on cabin type booked and history with Regent. For concierge cabins and above excursions can be booked 240 days before cruise. (2) you can book one reservation per standard cruise for each speciality restaurant in advance (90 days before cruise). You may be able to book more once onboard. Top level suites get more access. (3) talk to your TA about this. If you don’t take the flights offered by Regent you should get a reduction in price, but whether you will “save” money is only a possibility. there is a lot more good information to be found on the FAQ section of the Regent website and don’t forget to set up Your online account and register your personal details as you book excursions and restaurants via this facility.
  20. Foggy - seriously impressed about the walking up bit. The weather was appalling both times I took the train and I nearly didn’t go up the second time but was persuaded that there would be good views at the top and in a sense there was because we got above the clouds. Not perhaps the same view as on a sunny day but magnificent in its own right. My advice is bring all weather gear!
  21. Not done a Regent excursion in this area of North Wales, but Snowdonia would definitely be my preference in terms of scenery. The coastline of Anglesey has its moments and there is Beaumaris if you like castles, but if you like castles then you must go to Caernarfon. If you have the option then the train ride up Snowdon is another great option, although the two times I have done the trip it rained cats and dogs.
  22. Kathy, hopefully you got finished last night. I found that once you had successfully clicked on each person, you could then press Add to Cart, but it then took 5 to 10 seconds (resisting the desire to press anything again) before it actually executed the command. You were then told that you had excursions in your cart. I actually did them all at once and then actually booked them by going through the payment screen. About five minutes later I got my confirmation e-mail from Regent
  23. Runnerswife, you should be able to see some potential excursions now on the Regent website. Actual booking dates depend upon cabin class or previous history with Regent. For a November cruise then March is possible. You can request a fully detailed PDF a few weeks before your booking date. Just checked the Regent website for the November 3rd Med cruise and the number of excursions currently listed is very small at the moment. Not sure why, but if you can find earlier similar cruises you should see a bigger list of potential excursions.
  24. Hi Kathy yes I am all booked up, the system is a bit slow, I had to learn to wait for the tick box for each person hope you get what you want, a rather bleary eyed Belfast Taxman at 5.33am on NYD
  25. Apologies I really ought to know this sort of thing by now, but excursion booking is now less than 12 hours away, so getting a bit over excited. We have all our first options ready to book for each port. There is one we will have to pay extra for. Do I need to have a credit card handy or is actual payment later, such as the end of the cruise?
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