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  1. Thanks Daisi, I took a look at the train booking site. It seems like luggage could be a challenge? Did you have large suitcases? The dimensions shows on their look similar to that of a planes overhead compartment. The standard dimensions of luggage racks are 700 x 500 x 300 mm. https://www.bahn.com/en/view/trains/on-board-service/luggage.shtml?dbkanal_007=L04_S02_D002_KIN0062_NAVIGATION-LINKS-GEPAECK_LZ01
  2. Thanks everyone, another thing I'm curious about. I know it's going to be really cold... but do people still hang out on the upper deck? Wondering if they have heat lamps and if there is any bar service outside during the winter months?
  3. Hello, The cruise a six night Rhine north. https://www.arosa-*****/river-cruises/cruise/rhine-new-years-north-select-premium2019.html I did book my travel independently. I'll likely take the train from DUS to Cologne assuming that makes the most sense. Is there a suggested ticket type to get? Is luggage checked in on the Train? The Arosa website seems to indicate that they do pickups from the train station but not until 2pm. They say I can ask the ship staff to hold my luggage... doesn't sound all that definitive unfortunately. Perhaps I'll try the storage options at the train station. ""Correct is, the official check in is from 02.00pm on. But you're welcome to ask the ships staff with your earlier arrival if you can drop off the luggage already so you are more flexible and can explore Cologne in the afternoon. " Thanks for all the help.
  4. Thanks for all the info! The cruise line is A-Rosa.
  5. Hello All, I'll be flying in to DUS around 9am and then head to Cologne for a Rhine River cruise that doesn't board until 2pm. Is there a service at the port by any chance that will hold luggage so I can go and do a little sight seeing before embarkation? Thanks for any tips.
  6. Hello All, Hoping I am posting in the correct place. I did a search and couldn't find an answer here. I am going on a Rhine River cruise that is in port in Amsterdam on Dec. 31st, and leaves port Jan 1st at 3am, and then spends the entire day on the river until arriving back in Cologne on Jan 2nd. I'm considering disembarking and just staying in Amsterdam for for the last couple nights, rather than worrying about getting back to the boat on time, and spending the full next day on the river. Is this allowed and\or fairly common practice? Thanks for any help.
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