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  1. We are renting a van at MIA and turning it in to the Port Everglades Alamo on Eller Drive. Has anyone had experience with dropping off at that location? Was the shuttle to port ok? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ditto all this....I’m hoping it will show on the next statement.
  3. At the end Mr Sugar...”I’m coming for your kids” ....LOL
  4. Watching this documentary now...it’s great information!
  5. Thank you for the recommendation. I gave up sugar for a twenty day church fast and I can really feel the difference. I have no desire to snack between meals and that’s totally not me. I’ll watch the documentary for sure.
  6. Hi All, I just saw today where Chase Freedom reward points can be redeemed for Holland America gift cards. This was listed as a new offer. Just thought I’d share the info.
  7. OBC can be used for tips right? I have to pay tips for 4 of us soon so this sounds interesting.
  8. So wow this could be a game changer too y’all. I just today saw that my Chase Freedom card offers Holland America gift cards as one of its options for reward points. Ranges are $100-$1000 dollars. Chase freedoms points typically rack up pretty fast for me if I use that card consistently for the purpose of racking up points.
  9. I love guava juice too! Thanks everybody for all of these articulate responses!
  10. He got up-sold a beverage card. He said he asked very specifically about plain coffee and tea.
  11. My brother in law says he was told only water is free on board. Is Holland charging for ordinary coffee and plain iced tea now? Im hoping he just had an inexperienced phone agent. They tried to sell him a soda card. Thanks! aj
  12. Happy New Year Roz & OhioCruiser2013!
  13. Great info! I know you get 2x fuel points for gift card purchases but 4x is much better so I’ll keep an eye out. I just got the Hilton Honors as well so that’s good to know.
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