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  1. Syrena

    What do you do first thing on board?

    Ohmygosh!! This brings back So many memories! And we’ve only been on 1 cruise! :eek: Lol. The first ting I did was take care of the S&S, then we headed up to our cabin to drop off carry ons. After that, it was out to the Lido deck to…grab a DOD….then mix and mingle with our fellow pax. Made friends within the first few minutes that we are still in contact with today! Man, I can’t wait to get on the Valor in Oct!!! Hubby just pulled in a contract that will bring a lot more money into our home! Yay us! Looks like we are going to be cruising a lot more in the future!:D:D:D:D
  2. Syrena

    Fish and Chips

    Ohhh Myyyy Goooosssshhh! I am so hungry now!...lol You guys are killing me with the pics! I love seafood of any kind! This is so not fair...I have to wait until Oct 15th to give them a try! Making a note now...so I wont forget...Like that's going to happen!:D