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  1. It is quite possible this has been posted, but I'm not reading through to find out. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Beverage_Pkg_Perk_Price_Increase-Field-Trade_One_Pager.pdf
  2. Bob Dylan - It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a ... - YouTube
  3. At the top of the thread you will find the title and to the right, either Follow (you are not receiving notices) or Following (you should be receiving notices). This is where you now sign up for notifications. Click on it to add your preference for notifications. Hope this works for you! NEVER MIND, it looks like you know this. Sorry.
  4. If the drink package was a "perk", so are the tips on it. No need to tip extra, unless you want to.
  5. Glad to hear it, but a month too late for us. Can I asked when and where the Connection Party was held? I believe it was the first sea day, but time and location would help immensely. Was it run by the cruise director? Did the captain make an appearance? Excellent live thread!!! No BS! Loving it!
  6. In the alternative, you can quote the post, but PLEASE click on any (or all) pictures that are irrelevant or unnecessary to your response, and simply hit the delete key. While we appreciate the OP photos, to scroll through them multiple times, to only receive a message of "glad you had fun" or something of that nature, can get annoying. Thanks for your understanding.
  7. I have been following the price on a cruise for about 6 months. At the beginning of this BIG Sale, the price was $3925 total. Well, the sale isn't over until tomorrow, yet the price is now $4325. It still shows $400 off, but the base price increased by $400. Celebrity advertising/deception. It's really ugly.
  8. Please stay with the format. It enables me to copy and paste the responses with minimal edits. I realize there will be a learning curve changing to this format. SHIP NAME CABIN # DECK # (3-14) CATEGORY: 7-12, 1A-1C, 2A-2D, A1-A2, C1-C3, CS, FV, PS, RF, RS, S1-S2, SG, SV LOCATION ON SHIP: Port (left), Starboard (right), Bow (front), Stern (back) or Inside and Forward, Midship (between the forward and aft elevators), or Aft (For example: Port-Midship, Bow-Forward or Inside-Aft) BED NEAR (Bath, Balcony, Window, N/A) QUIET? (Yes/No/Usually) BALCONY VIEW (Good, Great, Obstructed?) BALCONY SIZE (Standard, Oversized, Other) WIND A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) SOOT A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) PROBLEMS/COMMENTS (Explain all Noise (including crew door issues), Wind and Soot Problems here, plus all comments and information regarding things like connecting or accessible cabins) PICTURES (Attach pictures in your review) DATE OF CRUISE AND "REVOLUTION" COMMENTS
  9. No, but some aspects do have time limitations. If you want to cover pre-existing conditions you usually have to book within 7 to 21 days of booking. You also can't book trip cancellation/interruption coverage once a storm develops where you are planning to go. Since I am only getting medical/evacuation coverage, it only covers things in the future, so no real cut off except for before we leave. It cost $83 plus change for the two of us to add $500K Medical/$500K Evacuation coverage with a GEOBLUE Voyager Essential policy, plus some addition coverage with a $250 deductible. It is secondary, but once you prove you do not have primary coverage and pay the deductible, it is a direct pay scenario, so no claim forms.
  10. I get coverage through my credit card to cover travel delay/interruption, but unfortunately they dropped the per person coverage to $1,500 which would not fully protect us. I purchase separate medical/evacuation insurance. This thread was a timely reminder that I have not bought our insurance for our trip in 5 weeks. Guess what I'm doing today?
  11. I'm still here Dana! I even passed the link onto a co-worker that is headed to Paris next week. She said she picked up quite a few helpful tips. 😀
  12. Sorry to hear that. I enjoy running a roll call. We are at page 34 with just over 100 signed up for the Connection Party, with 7 weeks to go. Hope you have better luck next time.
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