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  1. The Carnival Victory indeed has the same old school single sex sauna and steam room in the locker room setup that it always has. However, it's going to drydock for a retrofit in March I believe so all bets are off at that point. It's worth noting that if folks prefer it, most if not all of the luxury lilnes are staying with the traditional format. Oceania, Crystal , Silversea, Regent, and Ritz Carlton all have single sex sauna and steam.
  2. About to.board the carnival victory in a few hours! Will report back with an update. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the info Ryding! Looking forward to the trip. I can't say that shower doors swinging open and closed sounds like a pleasant way to take a shower, but can certainly see sharing a laugh over it with others. Hoping we have calm weather! Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  4. We decided it mix it up a little bit and try out a budget minded cattle car for a change! We booked an Ocean Suite on the Carnival Victory tonight, which sails in a week on Feb 13th for 4 nights. My expectations are tempered compared to the last trip on Oceania, however I still think it's going to be a blast, and welcome any tips from folks that have been on this ship, especially re the food! I'm looking forward to relaxing with a few cold ones, people watching, and spending time in the steam/sauna area. Any input appreciated! Happy new year folks.
  5. What's the general consensus re the best cruiseship spas out of Lauderdale/Miami?
  6. 7 months wow! Thats must have been a heck of a journey. Plenty of time to realize that bbq pork chop they're slinging is to be avoided at all costs! Ha. The food has actually been the best I have had on a cruise ship. As for the canyon ranch spa terrace (co ed and accessible from each respective single-sex locker room), there is nobody ensuring or even checking who goes out there..but it's nothing special, just a hot tub and some loungers. The steam itself is nice, big enough for six , with two showers. Showers are very roomy. Not much sitting area to cool down within the locker room, however.
  7. We are curre t on th3 Oceania Insignia. Concierge level veranda room, not a suite. It would seem all guests have access to the lockers and steam for free as nobody asks for you to sign in..but I am not sure. Either way, for the context of this thread, the setup is quite ideal! 😉
  8. Hey guys! First post here but have enjoyed all the info in this thread and I hope it stays active! I am happy to report that all Oceania ships have separate locker room facilities with steam etc. Access has been free for me , although I dont know if that goes for all room classes. The sauna is large and the setup is ideal! 😁
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