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  1. Just got back from our cruise on the Breeze. They had a Christmas eve religious service, I enjoyed it. Also other Christmas activities, decor, etc.
  2. Do they do any special activities for Christmas, like Christmas song sing-alongs, or Christmas movies, Christmas church services? We will be on the Breeze on Christmas.
  3. Is there a number to contact Carnival if while you are in a port you have a true emergency and can't make it back to the ship?
  4. Is there a place I could check my email? I only need to probably check it once or twice while on our cruise. I don't need the WiFi package.
  5. We will be flying in the day before our cruise in December. Do you think it's ok to put our luggage tags for the cruise on before we leave our house or wait till the day of our cruise?
  6. OK, we are old fashioned and don't do a smart phone.
  7. Is there a way to get online to check into the airline and print boarding passes without having to sign up for internet? I don't want to wait until we get to the airport on debarkation day to check into the airline. Thanks
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