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    Serenade of the Seas questions

    We sailed the Serenade to Alaska on June 7 & my DH was VERY disappointed to discover there was NO MIDNIGHT BUFFET! :( In fact it was kinda hard for him to find much to eat after 10 pm...room service was always available but our experience with room service was really uneven. The Windjammer closes at 9 p.m. The Seaview Cafe (which we loved...the staff was so friendly & it's a cozy out of the way spot) is open from 9 - midnight but they have a limited "fast food" kind of menu (fish & chips, hotdogs, nacho chips & dip etc.) Also, the Solarium pool area has a cafe that does pizza from 11 pm til 2 a.m. I never understood why he needed to be eating at midnight anyways. :p But this is from a gal who ordered 2 - 3 desserts every night! :) I guess I was still full! Cheers!
  2. This is an incredibly amazing photo! How cool is that?!? And you guys look fabulous! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!
  3. Thanks for the info! I drink an obscene amount of diet Coke & plan on bringing 4 12 pack cases for my trip to Alaska this Saturday. I had read on a previous thread that all you had to do was put a baggage tag on it. It's nice to know that this is up to date info! And hooray! for you...getting your bottle back at the end of week 1. :D Cheers! teresa
  4. Hi Karen, I still get teary when I think of Barbaro. He was an amazing horse. And I was bawling my eyes out when Eight Belles went down after the Preakness this year.:( So sad. I'm not a real 'horsey' person per se but I can tell you all about the Triple Crown race horses! Cheers! teresa
  5. Here's a quick update for anyone who's still interested.... I've made some enquiries, phoned the main 1-800 Customer Service # listed on the website & (after finding a rep who actually understood what I was asking:o ) was finally transferred to a Customer Service rep at the main RCCL offices. She was really friendly :) & as helpful as she could be. She was a 'post-cruise' specialist but had recently been working in 'pre-cruise.' She said that the cruise line sometimes makes arrangements/purchases air time with specific networks to air certain sporting events (I suppose this is why senrab was able to watch the Super Bowl last February on VOS) She said she had no way of knowing if RCCL had 'purchased' the rights to airing this particular race. So there's a very slim chance that the final leg of the Triple Crown, The Belmont Stakes, MAY be shown on our cabin TV's. But I think I'm just going to be out of luck. :( I still plan on trying to track someone down once I'm on board who can give me a more definitive answer...where there's a will, there's a way. :D Does RCCL really keep a watch over these CC boards? If so... HI THERE! PLEASE BROADCAST THE BELMONT STAKES ON JUNE 7TH. IT'S THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS THAT A HORSE HAS A REALLY GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING THE TRIPLE CROWN. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! :) I saw Kent Desormeaux on LIVE with Regis & Kelly this morning. There's going to be such a party in his house if he wins next Saturday! And it looks as if Big Brown's hoof problems are on the mend. http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/05/29/sports/RAC-Belmont-Notebook.php Keeping my fingers crossed! Cheers! teresa
  6. Hi there appaloosa! AWESOME photo of BB! Ain't he a beauty?! I wholeheartedly agree that the Belmont is anything but a sure thing but I just KNOW that this is the year! I think his competition will be gunning for him though...and Casino Drive sure looks gooood. I read this morning that he's been out on the track today (did 9 furlongs) & his hoof looks to be healing alright so... We'll definitely have to keep in touch on the Roll Call board...I'll keep you up to date RE: my quest to see the race LIVE on board! Cheers! teresa
  7. Hmmmm....DH has been yada yada yada'ing about getting his own laptop for awhile now... A new laptop for him & a new Sling Box for me....:D Isn't it amazing the technology we have available to us nowadays?! I grew up out in the country...we got only 3 TV channels! :eek: We try to stop ourselves when our DS starts whining about needing to 'get on the computer'..."Why...when I was a kid we didn't even have a colour TV!" :)
  8. I only just heard about Sling Box on our local morning TV news program. It sounds great! I immediately googled it and discovered...it's a bit out of my price range! Besides, we still only have our non-portable PC (no laptop :( ) Great suggestion though!
  9. HI silvercharmer! If it makes you feel any better, I'm going to be hiking out in the wilderness on Belmont day!! OH THE AGONY! :D I totally feel for you! While hiking is grand & all...what are we to do? I've been a die hard fan of horse racing since I was a kid (I moved to Lexington a few years ago just to be close to the farms, Keeneland, etc!), and have never seen a Triple Crown. I was born just a couple of years too late. I was fortunate enough to visit Slew and Affirmed before they died, but it's not the same as being there. I'm jealous! Seattle Slew & Affirmed were remarkable horses! I would've loved to have seen them up close in real life. I'm beside myself at the thought I might miss a Triple Crown. I'm going to try to time things so I can get back to my cabin in time for the race, but I'm preparing for the worst. My "Life List" includes, "Attending all 3 Triple Crown races in one season." :) But actually seeing a horse win the Triple Crown...live or not...is going to be soooo exciting. I'll definitely be thinking 'bout ya'!! I hope you really enjoy your hike though!! If Big Brown wins you gotta know there'll be lots of replays to watch when you get back!! :) Cheers! teresa
  10. Kent Desormeaux has been AMAZING! He came so close in '98 with Real Quiet. I'm so excited for him & his family and hope he'll be able to clinch the Triple Crown this year! Any idea what the email address would be to send a request such as this to the Captain? Whenever I've tried calling the RCI 1-800 number I seem to get reps who don't really know the answers to any of my questions. :confused: I'm not sure how I would contact the cruise director on board either, this is only our 2nd cruise. Oh well. I'm going to keep looking at all the possibilities! I still have 9 days to go.... Cheers! teresa
  11. Trust me! :) I've looked into all sorts of options such as yours! Unfortunately... 1. We're not sailing from Canada Place but from Ballantyne Pier :( I lived in Vancouver for a few years and know that there's not a whole lot around there...definitely not going to find a sports bar nearby:mad: 2. We sail at 5 pm so I need to be on board by 4 p.m. at the latest. (Race will probably be ~ 3:30 local time.) BUT...if you read one of my previous posts I've already had a really bad experience with late boarding on our last cruise so I'm planning on boarding ASAP and staying put! :D I'm still going to keep scoping out all my options though....:D
  12. :( :( Oh well! C'est la vie I guess. I kinda figured this was going to be the answer but had my fingers crossed. I guess I'm going to have to try & figure something out using the on board computers/Wi-Fi connections. It may not be live but I'll probably be able to find something pretty soon after the race. Thanks so much for replying!! Cheers! teresa
  13. Is it at all possible that my June 7th departure from Vancouver on the Serenade of the Seas will carry the last Triple Crown race live? It's being shown on ABC ~ 3:30 pm local time & I can see that there's a sports bar on the ship, "The Pit Stop", but from all of my surfing here at CC it appears that there is never anything actually being shown LIVE. Can it be true? I've been watching the three Triple Crown races since I was a kid with my Dad. Not sure why he was interested in it...he used to go to the races at Hastings Park in Vancouver when he was a young man...maybe the ponies were in his blood?:) Anyhooo...for whatever reason I have watched the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, & the Belmont Stakes every year as far back as I can remember. I even remember watching Affirmed win the last Triple Crown in 1978...I was 11! So, this year...VERY EXCITING! It's the first time in 30 years that a horse has a really good chance of finally taking the Triple Crown. And what a horse he is..."Big Brown." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Brown Am I really going to miss this? :( I'm sooo looking forward to our Alaskan cruise but will definitely be pretty bummed out if I have to watch the race on the web vs. LIVE. Please say it aint so! Cheers! teresa
  14. ACH! :eek: Reading through this thread has brought back some horrible memories! No, we didn't miss our ship (& in fact made it with some time to spare) but it's the absolute WORST feeling in the whole world when you think it might become a reality!! 2 years ago, on our 1st cruise, DH, DS, & myself had spent the week prior to the cruise doing all the typical LA/California things....Disney, Seaworld, San Diego Zoo etc. We had rented a car for the week from LAX & had made plans to drop it off in San Pedro. We had done TONS of research for this holiday...had all the details worked out to a tee...or so we thought. Since we were newbie cruisers we knew we shouldn't arrive at the pier too early & our cruise documents actually suggested 1 pm would be perfect for our 4 p.m. departure. So 1 pm was the time we aimed for. We arrived in San Pedro ~ 1:00 and spent the next 20 minutes trying to find a gas station to fill our tank. We were getting a little nervous RE: the time but with the tank topped up we then drove to the drop off point for our Enterprise rental car. ONE BIG PROBLEM!!! The Enterprise car rental location in San Pedro is only open from 9 am until noon on weekends!! Now what???? :eek: We were within site of the cruise ship terminal and everything!! We could see our ship!! Well, we scrambled to find out where the next nearest drop off point was, frantically drove to the address provided in our Enterprise rental car information, drove up & down and up & down the street where it was supposed to be located. Where is it!?? It's now 2:00 and I'm crying & DS is wailing in the back seat...DH was remarkably calm. Eventually called Enterprise (should've done this right away...hindsight is 20/20) and they inform us that this location had been closed for months!! While I was talking to Enterprise, DH was calling Princess to find out what the process would be...." Well, you'll need to be there before departure. They're not going to wait for ya'll, " was the response from the rep.:) Fortunately there was a hotel in San Pedro that had a self serve drop off site. So we turned around and quickly zoomed back into San Pedro. DH drops me off at the hotel & I run full out to the front desk to find out what I needed to do, where I needed to go. They were sooo nice, and very calm, which is exactly what I needed at that moment.:p Luckily the hotel had a shuttle service that just happened to be available & they offered to take us to the cruise ship terminal at no cost. We gave the driver a $40 tip though because we just felt soooo relieved. We arrived by ~ 3 p.m. and were on board in no time....BUT I tell ya'. NEVER AGAIN! We are overly prepared and ready for our next cruise in June. We plan on being at the pier by 11 a.m. for our 5 p.m. departure. I don't care if I spend 3 hours waiting to board...I'm just going to be soooo relieved to be on time. :D So....we all can laugh at other's misfortunes, I do too...not in a malicious way though, maybe out of nervousness because we know it will never happen to us?! But I hope for anyone reading this thread that they will never, ever, ever have to go through that sheer terror we experienced!! CHEERS!
  15. Beautiful BC

    Serenade Compass - Alaska

    Thanks so much for posting these Cruise Compasses...especially so soon after your cruise! Fantastic! I would still be unpacking & trying to 'recuperate'. :D We leave June 7th. I'm really excited and have been spending far too much time doing 'prep' work (surfing CC & the net for all those small details.) I like to 'be prepared'. This is only our 2nd cruise, the 1st with RCI. Quick question... I know the Serenade is sailing the same itinerary for the whole summer...does that mean your Cruise Compasses (for May 17th - 24th) will PROBABLY be close to what we should expect? Or does it vary from sailing to sailing? Thanks again for the info! CHEERS! teresa