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  1. And I’m hoping a similar offer is replicated if all or part of the Med season for 2021 is cancelled. No guarantee, I know, but it would certainly make rebooking easier.
  2. We are also anxiously awaiting the release of Europe 2022 dates. We’re booked for a Med cruise in May-June 2021 and don’t feel particularly convinced it will actually sail. I’m wondering if HAL knows this and is in the process of moving over people from 2021 itineraries in Europe to 2022 so that they have the “first dibs” before they’re made available to the general public. I know there were some other cruises scheduled for 2021 that just moved cruisers to same type of itineraries for 2022. I’d be pretty happy with a similar move rather than have to deal with reimbursements and FCC all over ag
  3. We are on a May 2021 cruise in the Med on the Volendam (changed from Zuiderdam). In the event of its cancellation, which I think is likely, I too am hoping that they allow us to just be moved to the same or similar itinerary in 2022 with the same perks we have from our current booking rather than mess with FCC, reimbursements, etc. I don’t think that option would work for everyone, but I’d at least like to have the option.
  4. While I would love for the world to be in a place that makes our May 26 Med cruise on the (now) Volendam possible, it’s looking more and more unlikely that the summer European/Mediterranean season will happen, especially for Americans who would need to fly in. I’m wondering why HAL is going through the administrative headache of reassigning everyone from the Zuiderdam to the Volendam rather than just cancel. Are they really hopeful that they will still do 12-24 day sailings over there (ours is 12), or are they trying to roll cancellations out in phases, even if they know internally that sailin
  5. Is the Signature Beverage Package inclusive of gratuities, or are those charged separately per individual drink ordered?
  6. I noticed this morning that Zuiderdam’s summer Med season was missing from HAL’s website and came here to try to learn more. We are booked on the May 26 sailing out of Civitavecchia. I haven’t heard anything from HAL about changes, and my account still shows Zuiderdam as the ship. I’m currently on hold with our TA hoping to find out more, but please feel free to share any info you have on this sailing because our TA seemed to have no clue what I was talking about. We wouldn’t mind a change in ship but hope the itinerary is largely unchanged since it’s the whole reason we chose this sailing (or
  7. I don’t think it can be assumed that only an older demographic will have HAL appeal to them. I’ll be 32 on my next cruise and am excited for a more relaxed and refined experience than we’ve had on other lines. We’ll be sans kids this next time, so what we want for an adults-only cruise is definitely different than when our kids are with us.
  8. We were able to book the same exact Med cruise we had cancelled for October 1, the last available option for that cruise for 2020. We know it may be a risk, but we’ll see how it goes! If that gets cancelled too, the next time we could take that cruise would be May 2021, but one port is different. Trying to be flexible! The biggest thing for us is having my mom available to watch our two girls, as we’ve taken plenty of family vacations but this is a ten year anniversary trip. 😁 I’m thankful my parents are being flexible with us given the situation!
  9. Let’s hope it works out for us! Where will you be sailing to?
  10. Perhaps their terms have changed, because they state that FCC cannot be applied toward deposits. We took a risk with booking a Fall 2020 cruise and will see how it plays out. We figured, worst case scenario, it gets cancelled and we just have to re-book for a later date again.
  11. I was on the phone with our TA agency re-booking yesterday. They also said FCC cannot be used toward our deposit. I confirmed by looking at the fine print of the FCC policy. Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of a reduced deposit promo going on for the sailing we wanted to book, so the deposit was only $199/person. We have a much nicer room category this time thanks to the FCC, plus free gratuities as part of the promo, in addition to the $250/person OBC from the cancellation, so I still feel like we’re getting out ahead. It is a bummer that FCC doesn’t count toward tour deposit thou
  12. We use a travel agency through our insurance company. They have us the option of being refunded our insurance premium on our cancelled cruise or applying it to a future cruise. We chose the latter.
  13. We were supposed to sail from Civitavecchia for a Mediterranean cruise on June 27. Now we’re having to decide if we take a risk and book the same itinerary in October or hold off until summer 2021 to take the trip. There are so many unknowns, and I’m not sure what the best choice is. I’m hopeful that things will be improved enough by October to take a trip then, but I also know there’s a lot of unpredictability going on right now. Of course, everyone has a lot of opinions...but those are just that - opinions. No one has the facts we need to know what things will look like come fall, or even ne
  14. We are fully prepared for our June 27 cruise to be cancelled. We are holding out for HAL’s cancellation rather canceling on our own to get the FCC perks being offered on other cruise cancellations. I’d prefer an answer sooner rather than later so that we can start canceling our other arrangements (flights, tours, hotels, etc). While I’d love for the cruise to still take place, I’m not at all optimistic that it will and am looking into other options for next summer.
  15. We’ll see how HAL responds. We’re scheduled on a cruise leaving Civitavecchia on June 27. 😅 We obviously only want to cruise if things are safer by that time but are holding out to see how things play out.
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