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  1. Hello Mom C There is a search function in the top right of this screen. Click inside the box, select 'this forum' and enter 'final payment' as your search. You will get lots of threads which discuss this issue, including many complaints about Vikings inflexible final payment date policies. In Australia we are luckier than most and our final payment dates are often much shorter than in other locations. This is in part due to consumer protection legislation which restricts companies enforcing unreasonable final payment requirements here. I will allow you to draw your
  2. From local news service; Viking Orion cruise liner docked in Port Melbourne this afternoon as Australia's international lockdown measures came into effect. A Border Force spokesman said about 724 people were on board the cruise ship, including 27 Australians. The ship entered Australian waters just before Prime Minister Scott Morrison's ban on international cruise ships came into effect at midnight on Sunday. "Everyone will be subject to the 14 day self-isolation period if they remain in Australia," the Border Force spokesman said. About 40 people will stay on t
  3. There is one offer for you to consider ... as per the advice in the Viking website - So we have made an unprecedented change to our travel policy, giving you the freedom to change or postpone your cruise at any time up until 24 hours prior to departure – at no extra cost*. If you book a new river, ocean or expedition cruise between now and 30 April 2020 you are free to postpone your cruise at any time up until 24 hours prior to departure, without incurring any cancellation fees. You'll receive a Future Cruise Voucher for the full value of the amount paid which can be used towa
  4. Check out the Viking Orion Roll Call for your cruise .. one of your fellow passengers posted this a few hours ago; Hi, We live in Australia and spoke with Viking Australia yesterday morning - Monday, Mar 10. Our question related to the Balinese visa charge payable in US$. However, toward the end of the convo we asked about the Elephant - Asian obviously- in the room! Re: The Big C, they stated that they were currently “ negotiating” with the Indonesian Authorities about disembarkation, docking in Benoa and that they would contact our TA should there be any changes. They
  5. I had this discussion with someone last week .. so I can only relate what I was told then. Orion is presently in New Zealand on its way to Sydney. The original schedule shows it leaving Sydney for Bali on 20 March (ie, your cruise). Someone who was on board last week asked the staff / crew and was told that Bali cruise was proceeding as planned. That was last week. However since then Viking Sun (ie the world cruise) had significant issues getting clearance to visit and disembark passengers in Bali - they were originally refused - but after lengthy negotiations were give
  6. I'm sorry to butt in and hopefully someone on the ship will provide some further information . but in the interim I suggest you email 'Head Office' in the US to see if they can give you some certainty .. email TellUs@vikingcruises.com Of course the time difference in the US is against you right now - but you might be lucky and the office may still be open.
  7. I have also started reading .. so you have at least 2 fans. Thank you for taking the time to write the blog.
  8. It was widely reported in Australian media this morning that the ship was refused entry into Bali .. then lo and behold a couple of hours later the same media were interviewing pax who were disembarking. You Andy and any fellow pax who are good enough to take the time to post are the only true source of information. Boo hoo to fake news, thank you for your posts, and cheers to everyone on board. I hope to be able to buy you an IPA one day. Best wishes to you and all on board for a safe onward journey. C99
  9. Just saw an interview between Viking Sun passenger and local TV reporter. Passengers were permitted to disembark in Bali. I'll be interested to get updates from Andy and others later today.
  10. Well chosen, TJ also has a great reputation. If you haven't already booked hotels please let me know. I'm happy to make a couple of suggestions. If you don't have plans already worked out for Bergen, again happy to make a couple of suggestions.
  11. This was posted by a mate of mine on F...book last night; in the middle of the Indian Ocean with 5 days sailing to Sri Lanka then India and Dubai with 2 weeks left of our cruise. Captain has just announced that Sri Lanka is refusing entry to all crew and passengers from all ships. We can refuel and restock (essentials like food and drink) but we will miss our 2 day Sri Lanka adventure. Bit nervous now as this is the second port refusal so far and a lot can happen in the next 2 weeks. Wish us well but having a great cruise on Azamara as usual. Sounds ominous. Best w
  12. Interesting .. we have traveled with Finnair twice (very nice actually) but via Singapore codeshare with Qantas. Sadly you are correct, transit via HK means refused boarding in Bergen. I'm sure you have explored all of the options and I'm sorry you ended up on the wrong side of the airlines policy. Please do keep us informed .. and if you do go I'll be amazed if you aren't delighted with the whole experience. FYI .. we did a mix of included and optional excursions on the Homelands cruise (all good) but used Alla Tours in St Petersburg - Alla was fantastic. Regards, Cle
  13. G'day Rabbit27. I'm curious - is the $1,700 an airline fee or the booking company fee (or both?). Which airline ? Many airlines have cancelled flights to HK so if you were in that category the airline would be responsible to re-book you. I'm not doubting what you say, I'm just surprised the airline has been so inflexible (perhaps start an on-line petition - I'll sign it). Without wanting to tell you what to do - we did Homelands in 2017 (our first with Viking) and it was fabulous. So if you have already paid a penalty for changing flights, I assu
  14. Please remind us ... segment 3 is from where to where ? Enjoying the Blog, thanks Andy
  15. Well done Viking, a good customer focused decision. However ... This temporary exception to our standard cancellation policy is applicable for all guests who currently have a reservation with Viking and for all new reservations made through April 30, 2020. Once the coronavirus situation stabilizes, I imagine the offer will be withdrawn - regardless of whether you already hold a booking or you book something new before 30 April.
  16. It's in the .au website now .. we aren't crusing till November so hopefully it will be all-clear by then. Best wishes for your trip if you proceed.
  17. Thank you Elle .. your reply is most appreciated. We missed the stop in Christchurch last year due to bad weather but have been there in the past (skiing trips). I agree the gardens are lovely. Best regards
  18. hello Elle - I'm not sure if you have been following this discussion, but I may have confused the situation and I'm sure jonnyz1245 would appreciate any extra info you may have re the destination after Sydney. Based on your discussions with staff / crew, are you able to confirm their understanding if Sydney - Bali is going ahead ? Are they certain the will be heading straight to Vancouver from Sydney ? Apologies for dragging this discussion out, but you might be in the best position to gain some information from those who should know. I hope you
  19. I have spent a few minutes searching but can't find the specific post. Someone recently posted that they had been in contact with Viking (maybe in the US I think?) and they were told Orion was leaving Sydney without passengers and heading towards Alaska. That added to other comments I had read, lead me to the conclusion Sydney - Bali was cancelled. I assumed that specific post to be correct but now if you have been told otherwise, I realise I should have been more circumspect in my comments and clarified how I arrived at my conclusion. Although I do note Ell
  20. That is confusing. I feel for anyone caught up in these changes .. I hope things work out for you.
  21. Which information ? When I posted on 20 Feb which cruise was I referring to ? This is the situation as I understand it. Orion is definitely in New Zealand waters right now and based on post from Elle above is definitely doing the return trip from Auckland to Sydney (arriving Sydney 19 March). Sydney - Vancouver on Orion was scheduled as a 79 day voyage departing Sydney on 20 March 2020, the 79 days is however broken into several segments (Sydney - Bali, Bali - Bangkok, Bangkok - Hong Kong etc). I would have to go back and find the actual pos
  22. You can follow along via the webcam [link below] (click 'Overview Map' in bottom left corner, to see where they are each day). The webcam shot updates a couple of times an hour generally. But yes, it seems not many CC members on board - as it has been quiet here. https://viking.panomax.com/sun
  23. Orion is presently in New Zealand, next scheduled arrival in Sydney 19 March. From there the original plan was to head to Bali on 20 March but that cruise has been cancelled and it seems the ship will head towards Alaska (via LA maybe?) - apparently without passengers.
  24. The story is dated April 2019, so still fairly recent https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurendebter/2019/04/15/meet-the-man-who-started-viking-cruises-in-his-50s-after-being-fired-losing-millions-and-surviving-cancer/#7d1f244d2652
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