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  1. I am going on the Carnival Breeze on December 13, 2020 we already got the drink package but we need to cancel it for the time being and maybe purchase it later. Will I get a refund on the package since it is so far out? Thanks!
  2. Hello all! I booked a cruise for next December on the Carnival Breeze and I have upgraded us to a Premium Vista Balcony. I heard that it is better than the suites because of the view and I was wondering what about the decks? They are available from decks 6-9. I like the layout of the rooms on decks 6-8. We are currently on deck 7 and in stateroom 7459. Would one on deck 8 or 9 be better or is deck 7 the way to go? Thank you for all the help and happy cruising!!!!!!!
  3. I am going on the Breeze with my boyfriend in December 2020. It is our anniversary and I want to make it special. I was going to order the toast package, a chocolate cake, and the Ultimate Ocean Getaway package. I was wondering do they get delivered the first day for the ocean package since it has champagne and apparel items? Also are any of those items worth it? I have heard mixed things. Thanks!
  4. Okay! That makes more sense actually. Thank you so much!
  5. Thank you for the information! I think it makes more sense to carry the bags off ourselves. What time do you typically get off then?
  6. We do not know if we are flying or driving yet. It is a 10 hour drive unless we stop at my aunts and drive 4 hours the next day to get to the port. I'm really considering flying. It would be around $300-$350 for us to drive there and back including parking. Won't need the hotel because of my aunts house. If we fly its basically double that plus the hotel. So I'm not sure if the extra money is worth it. Also is it better to fly in day of or before?
  7. Our family lives in the same town so they would just drop us off as well as the airport is only 15 minutes away from our houses. I think they only thing I would be worried about would be the luggage weight.
  8. We could stop and stay with my aunt in Tampa so that would be a 7 hour drive but then we would still have to drive 4 hours the next morning to get to the port. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to fly.
  9. It will be going out of Fort Lauderdale. To Pt Canaveral from my area would be around 6 hours.
  10. I currently live in Niceville, FL. My boyfriend and I are sailing on the Carnival Breeze in December 2020. We are debating on flying or driving to the port. This will be our first cruise by ourselves without family so I have no idea. The drive would be almost 10 hours not including stops. The flight is only around 2 hours. Is it worth the extra money? When would be the best time to fly in? We bought the carnival travel protection when we purchased the cruise. Thanks!
  11. Hello! I am cruising on the Carnival Breeze in December of 2020. I booked a Premium Vista Balcony, so it has the wrap around and is in the back. There are no more FTTF available and I was considering upgrading to a ocean suite or grand suite. It will just be me and my boyfriend traveling. We really like the idea of priority embarkation and debarkation but don't know if we should give up our balcony for it. Just curious what are the perks when you book a suite and for anyone who has sailed on that ship, are the suites really worth it with the perks? Also the ocean suite or grand suite? Thank you!!!!!!!
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