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  1. Thank you, really enjoyed this. Hang cool and keep safe. Pat and Ray
  2. "We are not scheduled to arrive in Rome for another seven weeks, a lifetime in terms of this virus, so anything can happen. We are onboard until April 21, or until they tell us the cruise is over, whichever comes first. We have a projected itinerary until April 3. Or not! What will happen will happen, and I, for one, certainly don't plan to spend any time worrying about it! "Roland 4 Ray and I are now flying into Mumbai early and will do the Mumbai-Rome segment....Our concern is that we fly out on April 21st on British Air: Rome, London, Toronto.... UK and BA could very well ban fl
  3. I also received the notice from Medjet (won't leave home without it). With that I also called British Air and they cancelled my direct flight on Cathay Pacific Toronto to Hong Kong with a connection to Singapore for joining Serenity on March20 for the last 2 segments.....had a fantastic agent with British Air Executive Club and she did it all . We now have to fly Toronto to London and then connecting direct from London to Singapore...it means an extra night flight but we are used to that when we fly to South Africa. Lets all pray that we will still be able to board in Singapore....
  4. Ray and I will be boarding in Singapore for the last two segments...Have a wonderful World Cruise ....Counting the days. Cheers, Pat and Ray
  5. Our first Crystal cruise was December 1995 on the Symphony, Sydney,AU to Auckland, NZ. Guess this makes 2020 as our 25th Anniversary with Crystal. Then for the next 17 years we went around the world segment by segment....Loved every moment we were aboard all three Crystal ships, including 2 whole World Cruises, in 2012 and 2015....Now we are back to doing B2B segments of WC.'s This year we will be on from Singapore to Rome.....Only 88 more days, but who's counting. Wonder who will be on this years WC? Cheers, Pat and Ray
  6. Is your blog private or can we just google it? Happy to hear you enjoyed your cruise...I am planing to try out the Manhattan menu, but using Crown Royal, we do not drink Bourbon. We sail March 20th! Cheers, Pat and Ray
  7. It really doesn't taste like mustard. Ask the waiter to bring a small taste to you and try it, you may be surprised. Cheers Pat
  8. Aged Balsamic vinegar, and finely grated Parmesan Cheese,some times I get the thn slices of the cheese. I love Prego's version so much I take a copy of the Carpaccio to restaurants that serve it and I ask them to duplicate it......and they do, right down to the very expensive balsamic. P.S. Try a bit of balsamic over Vanilla Ice Cream, awesome!!! Enjoy Prego's Pat
  9. We did our only Norway/Scandinavian Cruise in 2009 on another ship and it was awesome. This became my screen saver for many years.It was breathtaking.
  10. Thanks Keith, deep down I know this, and since I can roll with most things,I know it will be as wonderful a cruise as all the World Cruises, both full as well as the segments we now do, will be. Hope to see you soon....Did I send you our new email address? Cheers Pat
  11. Keith wrote: "By the way no different than getting off the ship in port. Some will wait on a line before the ship is cleared and others won't. Some will wait on a line to get a spot at the Sushi Bar and some won't. Some will wait on a line at the airport to board. Others won't. Same goes on on land such as going to the theatre or to a museum. And most importantly some will wait for one hour or more on a line at Disney to go on a ride that is over in less than five minutes. Go figure" LOL Keith, I have done most of these line ups...It is Ray who has no
  12. Oh, Oh!!! We are booked on the last two segments of the 2020 WC....March 20 to April 21. That very large "Bridge Group"is booked for the Mar.20 to Apr.03.segment. If I remember correctly, which I don't always do, it was, on occasion, difficult to make reservations in the specialty dining rooms. Since we normally do not eat till 7pm at home, we rarely run into line ups and if there is one we just wait in the Crystal Cove Bar. Thank you Vince for starting this line,. I am enjoying your writings as well as all the comments. Oh well, Ray and I will still have a great time, as l
  13. Thank you Keith, I received emails from a couple of people and wandered what it was about...now I know. Having said this I agree with your comments..."different strokes for different folks". Thank you for helping me out with the photo. Cheers, Pat
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