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  1. These are concerning times for everyone. Many lives are on 'hold' and I for one pray this scenario plays out quickly with minimal loss of human life and disruption to the futures of all peoples and countries involved. The financial implications are incalculable. I did breath a sigh of relief when Viking announced their policy in fairness to its guests and I respectfully thank them. There are airlines, hotels, tour groups, restaurants, AirB&B's, small businesses all are holding their breath to determine whether their businesses and livelihoods will survive. We, the people who have the luxury or travel, understand the responsibility we have to support these entrepreneurs. The disruption to our lives is a minimal inconvenience. Stay prayerful and optimistic!
  2. I am concerned over the increasing level of infection transmission of the coronavirus especially in confined environments like a cruise ship. Noting this morning's news (Feb. 5, 2020), https://www.foxnews.com/health/at-least-10-people-test-positive-coronavirus-cruise-ship-death-toll-490 I don't believe this a fear mongering. This is now a reality. All cruise passengers are looking forward to great vacations and we pray this new threat can quickly be contained but I would like to hear the positions Cruise lines will be taking in the near future. I do not have travel insurance at the present time. Will insurance be necessary for all of us? Many of us have invested in flights, hotels and extended travel arrangements. How are each of you, my fellow travelers handling your plans?
  3. I hope this is the voice of 'personal' experience as it seems contrary to what one would expect. It's probably easier for the bar keep to pour a double, charge for it twice and not have to wash another glass!! What every the reason...I'm happy to learn this.
  4. The dialogue on the SSP has been excellent and I personally appreciate everyone's commitment to educate 'new' cruisers to Vikings policies. As stated before, every cruise line has specific policies and it is best to make an effort to fully understand what you are committing to before embarkation. Each 'critics' entry has been helpful, encouraging and some down right lighthearted. Ron and I have confidently made the best decision on the SSP for our circumstances. Thanks to all of you!
  5. This 'thread-discussion' has complete agreement with your perspective and now stated fact and premium wine selection on Viking Sky is limited. (N.B. maybe someone from Viking will read and heed these remarks and that will change.) Hope springs eternal. We will be arriving on ship after 4-5 weeks of nomadic travel though France and Spain. You better believe there will be at least a few bottles of superb wines in tow. We'll take those to dinner (no corkage) if the premium choices 'bomb'. We are primarily bourbon drinkers and most of those are doubles. Add a beer with lunch, a couple cocktails before dinner, a night-cap and the Silver Package pays for itself. True, we don't ever drink that much on a daily basis but with a transatlantic crossing...those are totally relaxing days with few real commitments to total sobriety.
  6. The PDF's are a little tricky to get into, RIght click on the file to open, look below (yellow line), then Left click to view the beverage menus file.
  7. I found the PDF's that are necessary to make your decision of the Silver Package: hope this helps Aquavit Menu.pdf Living+Room+Menu.pdf Paps+The+Explorers+Bar+Menu.pdf The+Pool+Bar+Menu.pdf Theater+Bar+Menu.pdf Torshavn Menu.pdf
  8. Eagles09, I have been working on this question for days trying to make the same decision about the Silver Package. I am not computer savvy and cannot seem to copy the information on a PDF I received from a Viking representative. If you would like to provide me with your email I would be happy to send a copy of our communication. These are lists of spirits by brand, mixed drinks, champagnes, etc., prices, and availability at various bar locations on board. I have not been able to get a wine list. I too like a good wine with my meal and know I will not be happy with the house pours. Even if you purchased the Silver package I do not know if you would be allowed a $15 'cushion' and be charged let's say $5 on a $20 glass of wine. This should be simple but Viking's policies seem elusive which makes me question their motive. I will share whatever I learn on this post.
  9. Mr. Deec, Thank you for your insight and recommendation....I'll bring my first glass of wine to the table with me! Brilliant! Why Viking cannot simply explain how their Silver package works confounds me. Your explanation was clear and concise. You are the voice of experience. We've sailed many times on another cruise line but this is our first cruise on Viking. Just learning the ropes for our first transatlantic crossing. We will have many days and evenings to explore the full potential and maximized benefits of the 'package'. 2,248 posts! Keep them coming!
  10. Thanks for the reply. My specific question is...When you are seated for dinner the staff is probably aware you have signed up for the Silver Beverage package. Are there premium wines selected by Viking that pair with the offered meal that evening and they automatically served to you or do you actually have a choice of wines for the evening? Is there a printed wine list? How do you know you are receiving the premium selection v.s. the basic house wine that is offered without the SBP (Silver Beverage Package)? Hate to be so sticky on this, but wine is an important part of my dining experience. We just need to clarify the process.
  11. This is our first cruise on Viking. We are still 'on the fence' about the Silver Beverage Package (SBP). I asked for and received a 'spirits' page from a Viking representative for Whisky, Bourbons, Vodkas, Gins, Rums etc. and they offer a fair range of houses that are acceptable, but no mention of wines either by the glass or bottle. One aspect of the SBP, 'upgraded wines' has not been addressed on this thread. We are definitely wine drinkers at lunch and dinner. Generally, we do not care for 'boxed' or house wines. Does Viking provide a separate wine list for 'silver'(SBP) members that are better quality paired for lunch and dinner? Do they offer a choice of premium wines with types and vintner names? At dinner are you presented with a card listing premium wines from which you can select or is a pairing done by a sommelier? Do they limit 'pours' at meals?
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