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  1. Wow, this is the first post I have written and didn't realize that people could be so condensing. Didn't post this to complain but posted for other's situational awareness and informational purposes.
  2. I have taken about 5 cruises in total and never had any issues with service. I have just signed up for this as a link was sent and wanted to vent about the terrible service. I had a total of 17 people in my party on a cruise to Eastern Europe for 9 days. Before the cruise, most of us purchased the thermal spa at $239 per person, the soda package, the water package and the high speed internet for $265 per person. They had an awesome spa but the spa was not the issue - it was the service. I booked a massage for $139 for a deep tissue. It was a special as the regular price was $159. The special had expired but they said they would honor it so I booked for 2 people. I got the massage, and about 10 minutes in, the tech from the person who was doing my sister's massage knocked on the door as my sister did not speak English at all. She was arguing that my sister had to pay $159. I told them that they said they would honor the $139. She left and came back 5 minutes later with a translator. I explained again and she left the room. I told the masseuse that if I was interrupted again, I would cancel this massage and reschedule and asked her if I should go to the room where my sister was and explain. She told me there was no need an they would honor the deep tissue as promised and told me not to worry because they had a translator in there. I was interrupted a third time towards the end....I was livid and the experience was annoying but held it in. When the massage was finished, I asked my sister if she got the deep tissue and she said "no" and that she was given a Swedish massage - which she would have never scheduled had she known in advance. Basically for a $30 difference, she was taken advantage of. When talking to the assistant manager after, the lady lied and said she was given a deep tissue massage when 2 minutes before, she told me she didn't give a deep tissue because that is not what she paid for and that a deep tissue would have cost $30 more. The assistant manager talked about giving us a massage to make up for this and the interrupted massage (3 x's during a 50 minute massage), and said she would have the manager give us a call. Never happened. When I called the spa manager the next day, she was not available. I went to guest services the day before the last day and they wrote down my complaint and said someone would get back to me before the end of the cruise. No one got back to me. I wrote an email/letter asking for acknowledgement of receipt - have heard nothing. It is not the money - I spent $8000 including airfare for this cruise for 2 and had 17 people in the group. I went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise early this year and when I left one of the restaurants without eating much of the food in main dining - the head of the dining dept came to almost every meal (literally found me at the restaurants) to see if my meal was enjoyable.
  3. Thanks for the info, but I still think NCL should step in if a customer had an issue with their spa and charges.
  4. The rooms were ok but very inconvenient because there were no outlets next to the bed. Mainly though of all the cruise ships, this one had the worst service ever. I filed a complaint with their spa and no one got back to me. I wrote to their customer service and no one has even acknowledge my complaint. Going to through a dispute a legal process to get my money back for a massage that I did not receive. All other ships, when something goes wrong, managers bend over backwards for customer service satisfaction. This one does not get back to you after promising to - during the cruise - nor after.
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