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  1. Does anyone have experience with a room that is UNDER Concierge Club on the quantum class? We have a deck 12 aft that is under concierge (deck 13 in Odyssey plans) and I am wondering if we would want to switch that up. Thank you!
  2. Adventure is down in Grand Cayman along with Carnival's Victory
  3. Sorry to hear this 😞 If I remember correctly, suites had been sold out for this sailing starting today. If that’s any insight, I’m not holding my breath for our sailing on the 1st as upgrades have been sold out for months. Have an awesome second week! I hope the weather is nice and the seas are calm
  4. We think the suite would be great since our initial price was so reasonable. Being on Adventure means it doesn't come with all of the extras of an Oasis class, but the experience is one we probably wouldn't shell out for, at the normal price. We weren't able to grab one when prices got realllly good for this sailing, so we have been at the mercy of royal up for months. The wait is painstaking though.
  5. Interesting. We mainly want to get away from the Pullman bed so we didn’t bid JS as OFRA are great to end up with another one. Wish they would get bid replies rolling for our sail date. I changed mine, again.
  6. And with price fluctuation you can’t compare what you think you should bid. One also doesn’t know the expected profit margin the ship had either. Might explain why a threshold then looks to create a repeat out of a new cruiser versus $$ figures. Repeat business is worth just as much. the world may never know...
  7. I called because we had wanted to upgrade. While publicly the rooms aren’t available for purchase, inventory is used behind the scenes for various reasons. Likely if they let you bid, something is available. It also allows them to maximize in the case of a cancellation.
  8. EXAMPLE COMPLETION OF INFORMATION Royal Up Invite Details Ship: Adventure Length of Cruise: 6N Cruise Sail Date: Nov 17, 2019 Date email offer received: Sept 17 2019 C & A Tier: Gold Booked through RCL Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: 7N Did you place a bid**? Yes **If you answered "Yes" , please continue to the next section Bidding Details: Please copy and paste a new set of answers for each bid opportunity Cabin Category: GS - 2 Bedroom Minimum bid: $350/pp Bid Offer: $550/pp Notification Date: Pending Accepted / Rejected: PENDING Cabin Category: GS Minimum bid: $250/pp Bid Offer: $550/pp Notification Date: Pending Accepted / Rejected: PENDING Cabin Category: Minimum bid: 150/pp Bid Offer: N/A Did not bid Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected: Cabin Category: Spacious OV Bal Minimum bid: $50/pp Bid Offer: N/A - Did not bid Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected:
  9. I saw this over in Celebrity and they use the Move Up offers. I thought the format they were using was helpful (spreadsheet over on google docs) but I can't be permanently committed to that 🙂 Posting replies here will give other cruisers a place to search out the details. You may need to return to your post to update if your bid was accepted or rejected. If the powers that be want to pin this to the top, please do. I searched and did not find a similar thread for RCL. Royal Up Invite Details Ship: Length of Cruise: Cruise Sail Date: Date email offer received: C & A Tier: Booked through RCL Direct OR via TA: Current Cabin: Did you place a bid**? **If you answered "Yes" , please continue to the next section Bidding Details: Please copy and paste a new set of answers for each bid opportunity Cabin Category: Minimum Bid (pp): Bid Offer: Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected:
  10. Anyone on Adventures next few sailings heard anything? Several of the dates have sold out suite classes and we are anxiously awaiting our upgrade fate!
  11. Congratulations! This is so exciting! Enjoy that room! Still waiting on ours. 25 days to sail.
  12. We are. I told them we put in bids but they had no feedback. From what I understand, the TA agencies can opt in and out of RU. We don’t sail for 30 more days. Got offers at 60 days out. Still waiting 🙂
  13. True on the points from what I was told. I wish our suites weren’t sold out or we would have done the same thing. The TA can see the available rooms but cannot book them. Tells me they are saving them for upgrades.
  14. Thank you! We also noticed in order to rid ourselves of the Pullman we had to stay GS or above. We are not doing excursions this trip. More for relaxation than adventure. After looking at videos of the GS, I think we could make that work and there are more of them over the GS2beds. I do love the double sink. Spoiled at home as well as the free room service. The price per person per day would be $43 more a day. Oh, and our steal of a deal came with $110 OBC and 2 free grats.
  15. I would be broke if it were that close. Thankfully waiting for 5-7days to get something shipped as started to defer purchases.
  16. We have offers for AOTS for suites or Spacious Balcony. We are currently in an AFT balcony, a very nice large balcony. We are shying away from a bid on the spacious because Of the locations and less balcony space. Minimum is $100 total on that. More about the other minimums below... Sailing in Dec. 2019 (30 something days) Our original price was $1571 for 3. We are not excited about the Pullman set up. The sofa doesn’t convert either. Minimum bid for JS is $300 total, GS $500 and GS2BDRM $700. Suites are currently sold out for this sailing. No offer for owners. Historical pricing was as low as $762pp and as high as $2100pp for the GS’s. I have $600 in for GS and $1000 in for GS2BDRM. I skipped the JS as I like our over sized aft balcony and location better than any JS location. However, I’m willing to go up for the GS. Would you? Is it worth it to have the suite perks plus the extra room (and bedroom). They way I’m looking at it is that the opportunity for a suite is probably as low as we will ever see it but at the same time, the $1600 max on the GS2 is almost another cruise. Thoughts?
  17. Gah. I’ll give him benefit of the doubt that he was on a long run and had some negative remarks made about him because of that. His early reviewers had great feedback.
  18. We have re-fared a few times on the cruise price. We ended up with a really nice deal on the Balcony. I got a smidge excited to see the BOGO 50% on the Deluxe, but again, it just wasn't super clear and you can't price it when you already have one purchased. I now know what to look for in the wording. Lesson learned. oh well. I guess the "Price reflects discount" should be larger than the BOGO 50% -- seeing that the actual 50% is so ambiguous anyways. No one knows the actual price of the package because it changes. Would be different if it was originally X so that it is more transparent to consumers. The whole 50% off is ambiguous and deceiving with no baseline. I just noticed some of the banners now say "X% off Onboard prices" which is what the Beverage Package should say too, not to mention list the onboard price.
  19. Thanks. I joined roll call. I’m merely disappointed they didn’t learn from the $18/day fiasco. They should really have someone proofing their marketing.
  20. Exactly why I called out their deceptive marketing. The highest I have ever seen ours is $52/day.
  21. Interesting enough... the actual computer version does not say it includes the discount. It did say per person. The mobile version does a better job of spelling it out. You also cannot re-price the beverage package while you have one booked. You have to cancel to see the new price, or call. IMO the web version is very deceiving with the way they do not define the 25% off for each is the total discount. Also because the “price fluctuates” What is 50% off anyways?
  22. FYI the BOGO listed in the planner is a serious bait and switch. Do not cancel your current price (you can't price out the pacakge while you have it purchased).. call them before you do. I cancelled our $47pp in lieu of the BOGO50% being offered -- guess what?? It's MORE. $15 MORE.. while BOGO50% off.... this is utterly ridiculous. Now I'm fighting to get my old price back ..
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