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  1. Thanks, but I did not find anything in a couple of the apps I tried.
  2. All I can find on Royal Caribbean's website on the Odyssey are itineraries. Where would i find a list of activities, restaurants, floor plans, etc.? I have not found a relevant thread on Cruise Critic either, though I still have a hard time searching the "new" website. Thanks for any help!
  3. I have the Series 4 Apple watch with GPS. It will not be connected to cellular, only WiFi. I have AT&T, but the watch is not on a plan. Will the GPS, or anything else, do anything, connect to anything on the cruise for which I could be billed?
  4. Can an Uber XL or Lyft XL carry four adults with 1 checked bag each?
  5. Nothing specific in mind, but those are some fun suggestions. Thanks!
  6. We are getting in to Miami around noon on a Friday for a Saturday cruise. We are planning on a Cuban restaurant for lunch, but after that we're pretty wide open. Any recommendations for fun, but not crazy expensive dinner? Anything or anywhere we should be sure not to miss? We will be staying toward the southern end of South Beach. We are taking our daughter and her fiance, both 29, so we're open for just about anything. Thanks!
  7. Anyone know when the formal nights are on the Symphony Western itinerary? Usually, the first is on the second night, a sea day. The menus on the iPhone app show the first formal night to be the third night.
  8. We will be on the Symphony in February. We REALLY want to go to Wonderland. I am trying to decide between booking Wonderland only or booking Wonderland as part of the three night package. Has anyone ever had a problem getting Wonderland as part of the package?
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