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  1. Thanks.... Just needed confirmation since "sometimes" small items can be acceptable (hence why an earlier poster said place them in the toiletry bag...).
  2. Anyone! Any rules on simple pocket knives bringing them on board? Corkscrews (with small blade attached)?
  3. Would love to hear your comments, since we're sailing on the January 19th cruise. Have they added Great Stirrup Cay to your itinerary? Cheers!
  4. Just wanted to ensure clarity - we had already paid for our regular priced mini-suite; the $2000 was the difference in what we had paid and the final price.... Regardless, a very good deal.
  5. On Encore, we bid in the low "Excellent" range for three separate Haven suites, with each one totaling roughly between $3400 to $3800 if won. Based on the original booking price of each suite, we would have saved about $300-$500, We asked our NCL point of contact if there were any suites available for the Jan 19th sailing, and he gave us the availability and total prices if we were to upgrade today (actually, two weeks ago). Instead of winning a bid, we chose to purchase the upgrade because the straight purchase was for $2000. Yes, $2000 total. In other words, if we had just settled and hoped to win, if chosen we would have paid close to $1500 more than what we have gotten. So, we got the last Haven Courtyard Suite on the port side, deck 18 (a short walk to the Haven bar and restaurant). I strongly advise everyone to keep all of your options open and contact your reps about a month before the cruise to see about last minute specials that don't get announced on the NCL website.
  6. But how does the bar compare with some Glaswegian's on the West side? 😉 I actually like Deacon Brodies on the Royal Mile....
  7. But didn't Sid report on the free seafood crab nd lobster at the complimentary buffet on Tuesday night? (by the way, Local or Garden Cafe?)
  8. Unless you have a large ~100+ group and specifically ask for an early 5pm seating just for the group in the Manhatten..... What's happening for our sail away dinner January 19th.
  9. No worries! Least I could do to help out after your outstanding review of the cruise we'll be departing on January 19th. I know STT and BVI quite well, since my best friend lived there for decades, and he and I have sailed all around those waters. My wife and I were married there in 2016, at Secret Harbor. We're taking many friends on this cruise back there to show them the wedding site on the beach, and have lunch/drinks at the hotel's tiki bar restaurant. If we have time, we're hittting Duffy's Love Shack before we return on board. Thanks again for the great review!
  10. Encore - January 19th sailing Yes, although I doubt I'll get so involved as some here on Cruise Critic....
  11. And we are going to absolutely hit that very hard!!! We'll have Veuve every day, morning, noon and night. 7 days, and two of us ordering (since we each have the program) so I think that is a reasonable approach for the value....
  12. You are on the Roll Call, aren't you? My wife is celebrating her birthday with her first cruise, and she is a champagne drinker... I expect to be spending most of our time between the Cellars and the Mojito bar (since her other favorite is a Cosmo, and I hear the Cosmopolitans are made there by one of the best bartenders in the NCL fleet....). Mayhaps we can all come together for a B-Day bash... Look us up on the NCL app and message us when we're on board?
  13. Join us in The Maltings on the 24th to celebrate Robert Burns Birthday with a few toasts and a few "Wee Drams!" I'll be seen about the ship on occasion in my Wallace kilt, so you won't be able to miss me.
  14. Interesting... Talking with a NCL agent re our upcoming sailing on Encore Jan 19th, he told us NCL sends out emails (and posts notifications on the NCL website) after final payment is submitted, and around 80 days before the sail date. We've submitted our "excellent" bids to up from a mini-suite to a Haven suite.... And there are suites available for this sailing date, so I'm unsure of why they would send opportunity to upgrade when there are none available?
  15. Doug (and therefore Sue), I've had to take a hiatus in cruising for a few years due to life's challenges (my last was about ten years ago). However, I had learned then about CC, and so came back here to learn about the Encore, since my wife and I will be joining 100 other friends and colleagues on the Jan 19th sailing. You've certainly made this a much easier vacation (my wife has never cruised before, and has some trepidation), and over my past 8 cruises since 1996, I would have enjoyed the time with you and all of the other "regulars" I've spied here. Since I've been on NCL before, I'm happy to return, and am choosing to stay with the line to build up those Latitude points. Thank You for your OCD, and thank Sue for understanding that this is a part of you, that part that enjoys "giving back" to all of us who like to cruise. I hope to meet you someday, and raise a stout together. Ralph
  16. Thanks! After looking through the posts, I figured that out, too... But thanks!
  17. I truly hope that we have it on the Encore..... Talk about heavan on earth....
  18. I, too, am very intrested in this. My wife Loves her Veuve....
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