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  1. Hi We are two gay friends going on the MSC seaside for a two week cruise in October 2020. We are wondering if MSC do anything for gay passengers to be able to meet other gay travellers etc. thanks
  2. Hi this has happened to me too. They haven’t taken payment. Have you been on your cruise yet? My cruise is next year. Don’t want to be landed with a bill when I get on the ship
  3. Hi All I recently booked My first cruise with MSC sailing next year. I downloaded the app and decided to pay for the internet and drinks package now as it said it’s 20% cheaper if booked before the cruise. However they have only taken the money out of my bank account for the internet package and not charged for the drinks package. Is this an oversight or do you have to pay when you get onboard. Also I’m doing the fantastica balcony experience. Does this include getting alcoholic drinks by room service as the information on the website is limited. Any help would be great appreciated Thanks
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