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  1. Yes it is. Very welcoming. This is from down the beach a bit, in front of the Four Seasons. I'm kind of surprised my wife hasn't already made a reservation there.
  2. We enjoyed Anguilla during our December cruise.
  3. She is showing the effects of years of use. I have been on other older ships that displayed patina while not feeling neglected. While the modern bridge navigation hardware and software were impressive, threadworn carpet and rusty ventilation grates were obvious misses. I really wish the sails worked as before. They're a big reason for our choosing Windstar.
  4. Is the tax on gold still high? We purchase raw pearls and had them made into jewelry pieces at home.
  5. We rode in an outboard to a nature preserve and were utterly dwarfed by those freighters. Surprisingly little wake, actually. Speeds through the canal are probably limited. Plenty of bird activity. I would have enjoyed joining you with a camera while you fished.
  6. The new locks are too expensive for any vessel that doesn't really need them. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/caribbean-princess-traverses-panama-canal-as-first-ever-neo-panamax-cruise-ship-to-sail-through-newly-expanded-locks-300552964.html
  7. Colon is interesting because of all the activity (nothing quite like having an enormous container ship pass within feet of your vessel) but not exactly the most charismatic port. That's the reality of the canal. I'd like to pass through one of the new locks (no mules) someday. Tugs are used now.
  8. Will you be overnighting in the lake? We did that with another line last year, and waking up there was a special experience.
  9. Find out if you can beforehand if it is working. Only one of the treadmills on the Wind Surf was in December, and there's no one on board to fix them.
  10. Getting that in writing should ease it more.
  11. To Windstar's credit, they didn't rope off the forward decks to prevent guests from seeing the truth. And weeks of cruising weren't lost, unlike the Surf's unmasted brethren.
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