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  1. I believe (somone correct me if wrong) Oasis will only be leaving out of Bayonne from May - Oct 2020, and Anthem returns Nov 2020.
  2. I did see Oasis will be coming and have been checking dates. Thought about it and I actually wouldn't mind doing the same itinerary we did on Anthem, and would probably stay onboard the entire time since there seems to be so much to do. Port days seemed so short and we sometimes looked forward to getting back on.
  3. No problem. FYI Johnny Rockets is also located outside next to the outdoor pool, so if you ever feel like having something from there I recommend doing so on a warm day. When we were on board their burgers, fries etc. were made to order, so we had to wait quite a bit and then bring our food inside because it was too chilly to sit at their tables/booths.
  4. WJ is right next to the outdoor pool so unless you go downstairs first, walk across and come back up where the indoor pool is I don't think you can walk to it on the same deck and avoid being outside for a few seconds. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas/deck-plans/1876/14
  5. HI all Just sailed Anthem Thanksgiving week and already looking forward to next cruise with RCI. My family and I fell in love with the ship and people onboard. Was checking dates for the spring and saw Adventure will be sailing out of Bayonne as of May 2020. I was wondering if any of you have been on both Anthem and Adventure, and have feedback on both. I know Anthem is obviously larger and newer than Adventure. It was my first cruise so I have nothing to compare it against. Also know one of the giant ones, revamped Oasis, will be in Bayonne this spring as well, but not sure
  6. Last week was my first time on Anthem so I'm not sure they do this all the time but I wish they waited until after muster drill to take off.. we got back to our cabin after the drill and only then realized the ship was already moving, and then started to scurry trying to find a good viewing spot.
  7. Just got off Anthem this past Sunday 12/1 and already thinking about booking next cruise. I would definitely sail her again and was sad to hear she'll be leaving Bayonne in the spring, but glad to hear Oasis will now be heading here, and have been checking out 2020 dates. Anthem was my first cruise so I have nothing to compare it to. If any of you have been on both, how do the two compare? I know Oasis is obviously larger but does that necessarily mean better? I also see Adventure will be sailing out of Bayonne next year as well and was looking into those dates too. (Cape Liberty is just so co
  8. Hi all We just had our MTD switched to traditional, 2nd seating. (sailing on Anthem the week of Nov 23rd) I noticed all the reservations I made under MTD are now gone from my Royal app and the online Cruise Planner, but I don't see the new traditional time. Are the traditional times not listed on the app or planner since it's the same time every night? I tried a search to find the answer but nothing came up for me. Not a big deal. I just like seeing the times listed on the calendar when I'm making reservations for everything. Thank you
  9. Thank you for providing a sample menu. We will be on Anthem next week Nov 23rd - Dec 1st. We booked the Solarium Bistro for dinner on night 1. Does the bistro part also have ceiling windows? Thinking it would be cool to have dinner under the stars as we sail out.
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