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  1. aww too bad Happygolucky62 - it was worth a shot! I will definitely suggest this on our May 3 group.
  2. That is actually a great idea! We are sailing May 3 and would gladly swap our Whiskey for your vodka 😜
  3. One question - I understood that rock star suites such as your Cheeky Corner Suite included a cabana at Bimini - curious as to why you would need to rent one? (we are sailing in a Sweet Aft Suite)
  4. Check out "cruises for solos" on youtube for some videos - not great quality but you can definitely get an idea....this is just one of 5 he has posted.
  5. Nice to meet you Jason and Claire! This board is so quiet - it is nice to hear from you! Have you been on any of the fbook groups for VV? There is also one for this trip. Sorry to hear your China travels didn't work out - better to be safe than sorry! I just can't even imagine what being quarantined on that Diamond Princess ship is like and feel SO bad for those passengers. Our favourite cruise line to date has been Celebrity but we too have found the passengers to be older - especially on anything longer than 7 nights. We have also sailed Regent, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival (once 20 years ago and NEVER AGAIN!)as well as the Paul Gauguin in the South Pacific. We are very excited to try Virgin - I have a feeling this will be our new fave. I am chomping at the bit to book another one but will wait to be safe until after our cruise - although it is killing me waiting! We usually book in aqua class on Celebrity and have never done a suite so anticipation for everything that entails is definitely high. When we booked over a year ago we had no idea what all it includes so this was a pleasant surprise learning about the various amenities. We are registered for a cabin crawl to check out other cabin types to see if what we get is good value or not.
  6. now that is some serious committment 🙂 Good luck on the upgrade!
  7. We sailed on the Solstice in September and the Silhouette in December. Both times the casino was only VERY busy when they gave everyone $5 free play. The remainder of the time it was pretty slow. I only play video poker and occasionally slots. Video poker was maxed out at the highest speed possible and you couldn't change it. Also the volume was super high and not able to be adjusted. There were only 3 triple play machines and no low denominations at all. Drink service was incredibly slow to non-existent even when we cash tipped the server. All of this made the playing experience less than enjoyable and I too felt like it just wasn't a fun experience - not what it could/should be. I realize the casino exists to make Celebrity money but feel like they could make a lot more getting higher numbers in the room via more favourable conditions. We also sailed Princess last year and had a great time (and better luck as we played longer) in their much busier casinos. They also had a lot of greater variety of newer better sounding/playing slots like the James Bond machines etc. I was surprised as this was a smaller, older Princess ship. We are pretty loyal to Celebrity and really appreciate the no smoking casinos so this won't stop us from sailing with them again but it definitely limits our time/money spent in Fortunes.
  8. Hello Anthony and Robert - we are booked on this cruise as well. My husband Michael (43) and I (Janess - 53) live in Las Vegas. Every year we travel to Ibiza Spain as we love house music and that really isn't offered here in any significant way. We like the emphasis/background that Virgin has musically and anticipate being very pleased with what they will offer onboard compared to traditional cruises. Regardless, the idea of no kids was another huge selling point for us. I booked this sailing the day bookings opened on Feb 14 last year. Since it was so far away I threw caution to the wind and booked a rock star suite figuring what the heck - live large! We too are even more excited now that Diplo has been announced at Bimini. Hopefully more people will join in on this Roll Call. Less than 90 days now!
  9. thank you I have contacted URcomped to look into this further.
  10. May I ask through what association you received your comp? We are sailing in May and are really excited to see what they have to offer including the casino.
  11. Happy to hear the rain has stopped - hope we get a dry sailaway tomorrow! Enjoy your dinner 😋
  12. We will be on the Silhouette with you and are excited for everything about this itinerary! You got a great deal on the sky suite. The martini bar is our favourite place on the ship so I am sure we will run into you! Cheers! Janess & Michael
  13. Ok so when we are cruising between Hilo and Kona for example at night, or between Maui and Oahu etc. your thoughts are that it would be open?
  14. thanks CruisingFamily We have the drink package so no worries there. Was mainly wondering what hours the casino will be open on this itinerary.
  15. Hello! We are sailing on Solstice Vancouver to Hawaii and are wondering when the casino is open. The first 5 days are sea days so obviously it will be open but once we get to our first port (Kona) does it close while in port? Our next ports are Hilo, overnight in Maui and then Honolulu. Can it be open while in US ports? Sorry if this is a dumb question. Next question is do you have to sign up for the Blue Chip program or does it automatically track you once you start playing? This is our first cruise since we started gambling 🙂 Thanks!
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