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  1. I understand there are major issues this morning but the slowness I am referring to started 2 days ago
  2. We are currently on Edge for our 2nd B2B week. Internet speed this week is TERRIBLE. We paid extra for the streaming package for both weeks and last week was so much better. Just wanted to warn anyone that depends on reliable connection speed that it is not a given. We have a transatlantic booked on Apex next year and will likely need to cancel it as this is just not conducive for either working or even reliable browsing. Lesson learned unfortunately. It is quite a challenge to even get this comment posted
  3. Thank you elf426 for all of your posts - they were entertaining and informative and certainly got us amped up for boarding tomorrow! Safe travels and sweet dreams (hopefully of your next cruise)
  4. I agree I definitely did not see this coming. I assumed booking a cruise in May 2022 was safe from being cancelled. Now that we know Valiant Lady is (supposedly) only starting to sail in March in Europe, it lends credence to the financial issues thought. A ship sitting idle from now until March - well that just creates a ton of questions in my mind. While they may get some good reviews from British sailings, they have certainly succeeded in changing the attitudes of their existing US based clients already booked. I certainly won't be booking anything on Virgin until I see Scarlet
  5. Just wanted to confirm that you can get a refund even if you have taken the 200% FCC in the past. We had three cruises cancelled on Valiant Lady and I called yesterday and requested a refund. They had to go back to the absolute beginning in Feb 2109 when I booked the first of the many other cruises on Scarlet Lady that were cancelled to figure out what the actual amount was we paid. That is the amount that you will receive back and there are no 25% FCC if you have booked and cancelled more than once already.
  6. I have three cruises on Valiant Lady that are now cancelled - Nov 14, Jan 29 and May 1. I have already had five dates prior to these all get cancelled. As much as I want to go on Virgin I am pretty much done with them until they get their sh*t together to be honest. I get that Covid has affected everything and was beyond their control but to announce the cancelling of all Valiant Lady sailing up to and including May 1 - that sounds alot like financial difficulties to me and that means I am asking for a refund for the first time instead of taking the 200% Future cruise credit. Between that
  7. Hi - thank you for posting your experiences onboard so far - we too are video poker people and so may have interest in upgrading our premium drink packages to the drinks and more. Did you upgrade on board or before you sailed? Also, if you only want Diet coke and Tito's in your mini fridge can you ask them to remove all else and fill it with just DC and Vodka? If so then sold!! 🙂
  8. Yay that is perfect!! That's where we will be on sea days for sure 🙂
  9. We are on our first Edge sailing in a couple weeks and love to play video poker. We prefer to play at bar top machines here in Vegas and are wondering if there are any in this type of set up on the Edge? If so, does anyone know if the seats there are reserved for players?
  10. We are also sailing on Edge next month on a casino booking so drink packages are not included. I was hoping there would be a discounted casino rate for them but sadly there is not. There is however a slight discount if you have Captain's Club status - our status is Elite and I believe that gets us 10 or 15% off. You said its your first Celebrity cruise - do you by chance have status on Royal Caribbean as that would be matched on Celebrity.
  11. hmmm these are both booked through the Blue Chip club - I wonder if they would let us switch - will call them today thanks!
  12. We have B2B sailings on July 4 and 11 so fingers crossed but agree this is not likely.
  13. Just received the mailed offer as well finally - still no emailed version. Now I just need to decide which cruise to book 🙂 Decisions Decisions!
  14. I also have free play listed on the cruise personalizer but no mailed or emailed offers yet. I guess I need to call. I wonder if the newly announced Alaska cruises starting end of July will be included
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