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  1. I also just booked a rockstar for January - I'm totally getting FOMO reading all these reviews 😜
  2. I literally just got off the phone with VV to book our cruise in January in a rock star suite - so excited to read this and hear more about your experience! Have an amazing trip!
  3. With your attitude and appetite for having fun I feel like you would have the best cruise ever no matter which ship you happen to be on or who you are with! Cheers and Bon Voyage!!
  4. We haven't booked yet as we are waiting to hear more reviews before doing so. We are casino people too and especially like to play video poker. I understand currently there are only 4 machines right now and they are in the smoking room! Not sure if they are planning to change that at all but it seems strange that there aren't any in the main casino area. Hope you have a fabulous cruise and look forward to reading about your experience on Scarlet Lady!
  5. Yes we have stayed at the Hyatt Centric in Fort Lauderdale and the small front driveway of the hotel there too seemed so strange. I guess that is a "feature" of Hyatt Centrics haha. Thanks for the warning about the nearby Saks store - that could definitely be dangerous 🙂
  6. I too cruised in Dec of 2019 and most recently in July this year. The host onboard Edge confirmed that points earned prior to the restart of cruising in June 2021 were reset to zero however your status was maintained. I was told we keep our same status until the end of 2022.
  7. Hi! Would you recommend the Hyatt Centric Brickell for pre-cruise? We considered staying there as well.
  8. My friend and I are cruising on Summit on Nov 3 so I will be reading along on your Live review with interest! Hope you have a fabulous time!
  9. I have found if you call into Blue Chip first thing in the morning, they answer right away! Good luck!
  10. I would be very interested in hearing your experiences and how they differ! Thank you 🙂
  11. Thats really not much for an extra $1000 or so especially considering the app doesnt seem to be working well enough to make reservations in advance (or not lose them!). I was really hoping that Richard's Rooftop would be a fun place to hang out - that is just so disappointing the bar isn't even open up there! You just saved us a bunch of money! Thanks 🙂
  12. We are debating between a regular sea terrace and a Rock star cabin - from these photos I think you just made our decision! What would be the point other than just a bigger cabin. Thank you for posting!
  13. So excited for you to be on the first sailing! I too was booked and cancelled on a million times but unlike you gave up on VV but now I have severe FOMO! Will be reading everything I can to see how the first few sailings go. One small request if I may - I love to play video poker but haven't seen any photos of any VP machines in the casino. Someone said there are only 2 and they are in the indoor smoking room. It would be great to see a photo of them and confirmation if they are in fact the only 2 in the casino. Many thanks in advance and have a fabulous cruise! 🙂
  14. You can't tell what your tier points are on the machine - you only see the points you can "cash in" for free play. Just ask the casino host - they can tell you what it is to that moment. Also be sure to check with your host at the end of the cruise as they will most likely comp you (depending on your play) something. Our last cruise she offered a good amount of credit to be used in the gift shop but I didn't want anything in there so she gave me a free drink package for the next leg of the cruise (we did a B2B)
  15. When you say "multi poker machines" are you meaning only 6 video poker machines in total in the casino??
  16. There used to be a special expedited line for casino guests at the pier but I believe with covid that has gone away for the most part. Once onboard, go to the casino and ask to see the host. They will give put a sticker on your sea pass card signifying that you have the drink package. They will also show you how to redeem points for free play on the machines (its easy 🙂 ) and explain the other benefits. When you get to your cabin for the first time you will likely have a phone message waiting for you from the casino host introducing him/herself. I believe the internet package will show up automatically when you first log into the wifi.
  17. I read on a facebook group for Scarlet Lady that there are only a couple video poker machines and that they are located in the smoking room in the casino 😞 Not sure about anything else
  18. Hello! I have this cruise on a 24 hour hold. I booked my first Virgin cruise the day they became available for sale and like so many others were super excited to sail on this line. After booking and rebooking umpteen times, I finally gave up and got refunds instead of the 200% credit for the first time. Now I have FOMO after seeing the UK sailings actually going forward! If I go through with this, it will be my first solo cruise. Reading the comments above about the app not working certainly gives me pause in completing this booking....argghhgh I don't know what to do!!
  19. oh no!!!! That is not great news! Thank you for writing
  20. Can you please tell me if there are any video poker machines in the casino? When I have asked before they told me there were some in the designated smoking area in the casino but I am hoping there are some outside of that room! Thank you!
  21. No I havent heard of them status matching - I did see that Carnival has been advertising they might be doing it. I just thought it might be worth a shot to ask ? Or if you happen to have status with MGM properties that also might work
  22. that's the thing -we had the stream package and we didn't used any of Facetime, wifi calling or whatsapp - we were simply trying to surf, upload photos etc. So paying extra got us nothing really.
  23. Hi - we just got off Edge B2B cruise both comped from Blue chip club. I recommend you call Blue Chip and see if they can match your status with Princess for casino purposes. I am Amethyst which is mid level in the Blue Chip club and am able to charge up to $5000 a day to the room with zero fees. You may be able to arrange the same based on your previous play on Princess
  24. I would recommend you carry off your own luggage - we did and were off the ship in 5 mins from the time we left our cabin at 8 am. (We could have left earlier but chose to "sleep in") With the new facial recognition at the cruise port it was a 2 second process to go through customs. We are flying home tonight so I can't speak to the airport but I really don't think you would have any problem making a 10 am flight. But we are comfortable with travelling and wouldn't stress out over it - you may be different 🙂
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