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  1. I have a family trip to French Polynesia Oct 1, but we aren't going on PG this time around. I have just hear rumblings from the AirBnB where we are booked that there could be another shut down as the case numbers have been increasing since tourism opened.... I am hoping we still get to go, but there are no guarantees.
  2. Looking at his tour, the stop for lunch is right near our Airbnb!
  3. We just booked a land only vacation to FP in October with our kids and my parents... wish us luck!
  4. Our Airbnb can bring us over to Raiatea 🙂 thanks!
  5. Tahitianbigkahuna, I had another question for you, we are staying at an airbnb on Taha'a and I am having trouble finding a tour operator for an island tour. Do you happen to know the name of the operation that does the "Exploration of Taha'a" tour?
  6. Stormer, I see that you are in California, there is a huge push here even asymptotic people to be tested, and most have the results in 24 hours, but they are backed up and it can take 5-7 days for those with negative results to be mailed to you. My kids pediatrician was able to get the results faster, so perhaps there is a way... https://www.arcgis.com/apps/Nearby/index.html?appid=43118dc0d5d348d8ab20a81967a15401 Several Caribbean countries have the same rules as well. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I have flights to FP in October so working on figuring this out myself...
  7. Yeah. We had been debating since before the pandemic began, and they had 6 seats available, it took a lot of going back and forth to find dates with that many. Even better, I used my Chase reward points, it was only around 36,000 points per ticket, even covering taxes. Now to figure out how to get a letter stating my COVID test results when it is taking 7 days for letters to be mailed out!
  8. United, just realized it is the same deal, the kids were just cheaper so the average price was $524 🙂
  9. I booked a trip for my family and parents this October for $524 pp! A bit less for the kids 🙂 Though, now I am second guessing whether it was too soon given all the restrictions that are only just being lifted in July...
  10. We have a trip booked this fall with my parents and kids and we are just debating whether to cancel.(staying in hotels and not cruising this time) Where I am I can get a test within 72 hrs and have the results, but they are given over the phone. I am not sure how I would get it in writing...
  11. Ha. Love that. Felt like the internet needed an official definition for the next time someone googled it.
  12. Just for fun, what would be your formal definition for the "Polynesian Flu"? 🙂
  13. I was on the Feb 8 cruise, they were screening passengers to ensure no one had recently travelled to china. The two ships that were in the news both departed before the cruise lines started screening passengers and banning those that had recently been in China. I expect those changes will make a big impact. Also, I am confused as to why the dry dock would affect cruises going forward? There have been no cases in Indonesia, and I haven't seen travel restrictions coming from that country.
  14. Love that video Tahitianbigkahuna! We leave Thursday! Still on the fence about what to do in Tahiti Iti!
  15. We leave for PPT (via SFO) this Thursday for the Feb 8 sailing. Not too concerned, as I don't think the risk is different than being in California, and if anything onboard the Paul Gauguin it may lower. That said I will definitely be extra vigilant in wiping down everything I can on the flight with Lysol wipes. At this point, there is probably more to worry about regarding the standard flu than coronavirus. Keep in mind that each year in the US between 12,000 and 60,000 people die from the influenza. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be diligent about coronavirus, but your chance of coming in contact with anyone who has it, especially now that that flights in and out of China have virtually stopped is very small.
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