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  1. Okay all...this is what I received from St. Martin official: You can only submit application by uploading your test result. By then you will submit same date for arrival and departure as Air/Sea travel, and the same the opposite for Cruise return. Same date arrival and departure as Sea/Air travel. The agent at the A.C Wathey Pier Cruise Facility should be on the list to select. So, it looks as if we have to wait until right up to a couple of days before the cruise, since the test results have to be uploaded.
  2. Hi, My husband and I will sail on Celebrity Millennium on June 12 and need to fill out the EHAS application before we fly to Saint Martin. Has anyone yet successfully filled this out? I have questions about whether we're Air-Sea, just Air or just Sea. Depending on what you choose, you are then required to state the marina, your local physician, etc. I have contacted Celebrity and they had no idea. I contacted Saint Martin and they said they would find the answers and get back to me. They have not. Hoping someone here may know. Thanks! Francisca https://stmaartenehas.com/application-form/
  3. Best selection of craft beers maybe, but at $11 for a bottle (12 oz) of A Little Sumpin' Laganitas I am going to have to stick with a $5 Heineken. 🙄
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