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  1. We're about to book the TP from Tokyo to Vancouver in April 2023. I don't think chances are great for cruising in 2021, and the 2022 TP doesn't go to Vancouver which we particularly want to visit as my wife's brother now lives only an hour away and it's been a number of years since we met up. It would be nice to do a B2B with the Best of Japan cruise but so much time off work is always an issue. We have only cruised Crystal in the past but everyone we've spoken to has recommended Celebrity. I'd be grateful for any tips/hints/advice re the Solstice - particularly activities available during sea days, and info about the library. Are there DVDs to borrow from the library and can they be played in the cabin?
  2. I'm booked to go on the Epic in May (round trip Rome) with a few mates - first time NCL cruiser. I've previously done 3 Crystal cruises. The first main point is expectations and state of mind. I do not expect NCL to be like Crystal (size, no. of passengers, service etc) and I'm going with a very positive state of mind to enjoy what there is. The itinerary and the dates, and the price, were just right so that was 3 strong positives from the off. So, I looked at the reviews and of course noticed a lot of negative reviews recently, but I did see that most were because of the embarkation mess in San Juan which bear no relevance to a Mediterranean cruise. I also saw that the bathroom layout was a bit weird (and I'm sharing with a male friend) but we'll just get on with it and not dwell on it. If it's really bad and a deal-breaker - then I just won't come on another Epic cruise - but I'll give anything a try once. I also looked at the overall traveller ratings for the Epic. Over 54% of the reviews on Cruise Critic were either "Excellent" or "Very Good", and when combined with "Average" that percentage goes uo to over 75% of reviews. I normally go by the 80 - 20 rule, but as I've said the itinerary, dates and price were so suitable that I compromised and took the 75% rather than 80%. And there's the free drinks package. Even with the 20% gratuity charge it works out very very cheap for a 7 day cruise. As DinaS posted towards the top of the thread, the Epic bathroom would be a deal-breaker for her - although she loves the Gem whilst others hate it. It's very important that each individual works out what's most important for him/her and on what they're prepared to compromise. I intend to fully enjoy the Epic, and hopefully I'll let you all have a positive review after sialing.
  3. This will be my very first NCL cruise, sailing on the Epic round-trip Rome in May 2020. A few questions if I may? Which dining venues are included in the cruise price and what cuisine do they offer? Is one of the cafes included? We took the beverage package as the free-at-sea perk - I understand that coffees are not included. On the other hand I read in the forum that O'Sheehan's is open 24/7 and has free coffee -- what coffee is served there? If a cafe is included in the complimentary dining, do you have to pay for coffee? Thank you in advance.
  4. When you say "speciality coffees" not included - is that any and all coffee?
  5. Hi - on topic of beverage package - can just 1 person in stateroom get a package, or do you have to buy a package for both ppl in stateroom ? Thanks in advance.
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