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  1. Wow... I guess we wait until RCI gives us details. Personally, I expect a full refund.
  2. Yes, your logic is flawed. You basically stated that RCI should pay more attention/take action to avoid potential lawsuits. Windows and balconies aren't safe; people have fallen, intentionally or otherwise, which resulted in great bodily harm, up to and including death. Therefore, RCI should take action to prevent this, right? Yes, of course I've read about the little girl. It was 100% the grandfather's fault, not RCIs.
  3. Following your logic, RCI needs to permanently close all windows and board up all balconies because they are facing a lawsuit due to the inappropriate actions of a passenger. I mean, you'd hate to see them facing litigation due to passenger misconduct, so we should go ahead and cut that off, right? Here's a pro tip: a company that's as successful and profitable as Royal Caribbean has lawyers on staff for a reason, and they're typically in a far better position than most individuals/families to deal with questionable litigation. You cannot possibly have enough rules or laws in place to prevent people from taking legal action, and attempting to do so would adversely affect everyone else (read: the overwhelming majority of their customers).
  4. It can be, depending on the individual. Why should your feelings get to dictate someone else's reality? Can it just be an individual decision?
  5. Why would RCI need to change their policy to accommodate the behavior of a lush? This might be a shocking idea to some, but maybe we can lean towards individual responsibility and accountability. The last thing we need is another rule or law adversely impacting the responsible majority in an attempt to save the irresponsible minority from themselves.
  6. Awesome thread and pics, as always! Two random questions you might be able to answer: 1. Where did you get the reusable cup that comes with the DBP? Do they just put the applicable number of cups in your stateroom or do you have to procure them from somewhere? 2. I have read about overly aggressive vendors on Labadee. Where are they located? I would like to avoid that area altogether.
  7. 1. There is a correlation between his appearance and attempt at humor, so stating that you did not judge him based on appearance is disingenuous. 2. Humor is subjective. 3. Again, who made you the arbiter of humor?
  8. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Who made you the arbiter of humor? Also, is that you in your profile picture? If so, do I get to judge you based on your appearance? I just love dress code/suggestion threads!
  9. Dirty Martini (gin, vermouth, olive juice) A REAL Margarita sans mix (tequila, triple sec, fresh squeezed lime juice, and maybe some agave nectar or simple syrup if you must)
  10. Ah, I think you'll just need to be patient then until Royal decides to grace you with the opportunity to book your shows. I have friends and family on your cruise. Good luck!
  11. It sounds like a technical issue. I'm assuming you're on the March 29th sailing (so are we), and I booked our shows about a month or so ago. I was also just on the cruise planner since they moved one of our bookings; it allowed me to view and alter bookings. Try calling Royal to see if they can help you out.
  12. Your analogies are exceedingly poor and suggest a gross misunderstanding of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  13. I don't want to get banned for making folks blind. From my fabulousness, of course. Not to go too far into the weeds here, but there really are some good natured, humorous and helpful people here on CC. I've thoroughly enjoyed researching my cruise.
  14. I'm grabbing some baby oil and will post pics shortly!* *not really
  15. I think we both enjoyed a little bit of fun 😉 Heck, we have the UDP and don't even plan on eating in the MDR. I do look fabulous in a speedo though...
  16. No, of course not, as a dress code is simply a rule put in place by a private entity. One can choose to patronize that entity or not. Some people do take umbrage with others dressing a certain way, even though the private entity allows it, thus appearing to shun freedom of choice. Also, you appear to enjoy the company of subjects over free citizens, per your own anecdote.
  17. No, thank you. I much rather concern myself with what my party is wearing, while allowing others to enjoy the freedom of doing the same with their group. Freedom is pretty cool; some people should try it.
  18. Wow, that's so weird! It's almost like there are cultural differences between Europe and the USA!
  19. I've been assured by several people on this board that your level of class and respect is directly proportional with how dressed up you are. No matter what you do, people will be silently judging you, so it's probably best to just have a drink or two and proudly be yourselves.
  20. This has absolutely nothing to do with conservatism. Stop projecting.
  21. I wear a full suit and tie at all times so as not to disrespect others. I could not live with myself if random strangers thought poorly of my choice of attire. But seriously, I'm having a really hard time understanding how someone is being "disrespectful" by dressing to their preference. Furthermore, where do you arbitrarily draw the line? Do people in a tux get to look down on those in a suite? If your tux isn't hand made with the finest threads, do you have to go stand in the corner with the rest of the losers? I think people just like to be offended, and some people aren't truly happy unless they're miserable. This entire thread is best summed up with "Stop liking things I don't like!".
  22. CBD oil containing less than 0.3 percent THC is legal at a federal level in the US, and the TSA has updated their policy to allow travel with the federally legal CBD products. It is, however, against RCIs policy to bring CBD products onto their ships.
  23. No, we have "evolved" into a culture that determines class and respect by what clothes are worn during dinner on vacation.
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