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  1. I wish I could believe that but since they also said they were restarting in April and again in May I'm trigger shy (not saying it's their fault of course). I really want to rebook in July since our April, then June, cruises were cancelled but holding off for now.
  2. Might just be a SWA thing, or perhaps an originating airport thing. I just looked on Kayak and was able to find flights from Cleveland to Honduras, Cozumel and Grand Cayman in early June. Not saying that's indicative of whether there will be cruises then or not, just that the airports appear to be open in those places.
  3. How are y'all even seeing these? We're booked on 6/20 out of Galveston (Vista) and it's no longer showing up, in fact there nothing prior to 6/27 showing for any port. We have one couple in our party that couldn't rebook when the rest did (she works in healthcare are there were more pressing issues than approving vacation time), trying to find a way to get them on the ship with us (assuming we go, which is looking pretty unlikely nowadays).
  4. I'm not sure I agree (keep in mind I'm a layman, I have no background in medicine/epidemiology so I'm probably underthinking this). Take patient X, he goes on a cruise unknowingly sick. Throughout the course of 7 days he crosses paths with many people, no doubt, but the number of people he comes in contact with is limited to however many are on the ship....let's say 4,000 plus a few in ports. But they also see many of these people many times over....from all reports (I've not yet cruised....someday, maybe, if we're ever allowed to leave our houses) room stewards, bar staff, and dining room
  5. This doesn't sound good 😞 https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html
  6. I'm starting to regain a smidge of hope (we're booked for 6/20 out of Galveston, rebooked from 4/4) and thinking *maybe* this could explain it. There are some, albeit very few, cruises available throughout June; though many are at the tail end of the month, not all are. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to the what's available or not though most are short 3-4-5 dayers they are from various US ports. Also, there's been no new cancellations announced this week, from Carnival or anyone else. It's a longshot, I know, but maybe they're not ready to cancel June quite yet.
  7. Our initial cruise was supposed to start 4/4 but we just rescheduled for 6/20 (crossing everything possible that it doesn't get cancelled). We had multiple cabins and were booked thru a big box store, had no problem w/ having one person in one of the cabins take the refund instead of the FCC. They issued a refund for him, used the FCC for the other two and ended up paying a difference of like $2. The OBC is showing up as well.
  8. Yes I’m optimistic. These kids on our trip need something to be optimistic about. Their senior year went to crap...spring break? Cancelled. Spring sports? Postponed indefinitely. Competitions? Cancelled. Prom? Unlikely. Graduation? Big question mark. so, yeah, we’re being optimistic and re-planning our “spring trip” in late June. We’re hopeful that we can we can bring some joy into an other spectacularly sucky end to their high school careers. And if we need to postpone again then I guess we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.
  9. We would have been (and will eventually be) new cruisers. We had a group of 7 HS seniors, 4 sets of parents and 1 younger brother ready to go 4/4. Clearly that isn't happening 😭. There were a couple of prior cruisers in the group but 12 of us had never cruised before. With the exception of 1 teen, we are rescheduling for this summer 🤞 None of us are scared to cruise, many of us aren't sure we'll ever do it again, we're kinda doing it b/c our kids want to, but we're not afraid to go and who knows maybe we'll love it and make it a regular vacation option.
  10. Looking for opinions: Our spring break (4/4) cruise was obviously cancelled, we're looking to rebook in late June and we're cautiously optimistic that ships will be sailing again by then. The concern isn't so much if Carnival cancels, but what if we need to cancel......the only reason we would is if our school district moves graduation (we're a group of 6 seniors and some of their parents) from mid-May to late June. We don't really think it will happen, but what if? What is the cancellation policy when booking with FCC?
  11. I'm wondering the same thing.... 15 out of 16 in our Senior Trip group are working to rebook, the last one hasn't decided if he can make it work. He was in a cabin with 3 we're trying to figure out if we can switch him out or if that cabin needs to cancel, get the refund and rebook (of course not getting the 600 OBC).
  12. I understand. While my 9yo will wear things (begrudgingly) other than gym shorts, the other day, when I made him try on his dockers-style shorts and broke the news that he'd have to dress for dinner each night he was so confused and basically gave me a "what the heck" look 😆 he'll survive it. I'm only forcing the issue halfway....I'm taking nicer, plain (non screen printed) tshirts for him to wear on non-formal nights. Not quite as casual of his usual uniform of a fortnite tee and basketball shorts but not so stuffy he'll give too much grief. FWIW, I have no idea how people dress, we're fi
  13. We're the type of people that put everything on a credit card and pay it off at the end of the month. We don't even have debit/ATM cards, so we need to make sure we have enough cash without carrying around thousands in small bills. Assuming we pay everything in advance and/or charge it to the credit card....how much actual cold hard cash do we need? Family of 4 (9yo and 18 yo kids the oldest will in separate stateroom w/a friend), 7 night cruise, 3 ports (Montego Bay: all inclusive resort thru Carnival; Grand Cayman: snorkel w/ 3rd party company can pay with credit; Cozumel: winging it). W
  14. Thank you. That's the way we've decided to look at it for our upcoming first cruise too. Between dh and I we'll probably break even. We could save money by ordering a bottle, taking on soda, drinking tap water instead of bottled, etc. but that all sounds like a hassle to us. I figure if we don't quite break even then the extra cost we'll just call a "convenience fee". FWIW we always get the Disney Dining Plan (even the deluxe plan on occasion) too because packing sandwiches or eating burgers all week just isn't the way we choose to vacation. I know some people say to just buy
  15. That was my guess too, but the "Best Price Guarantee" note is there on the page for the airport transfers so that's why I thought I'd check here before I just assumed.
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