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  1. Things blow off cruise ships all the time.
  2. I bet he will not steal a chair again. I solved the chair hog problem. And yes I still bring plastic straws with me.
  3. Took a dip n Solarium pool and when I returned to my seat a couple was there. My glasses and room key where still on the table. He would not move and pretended not to speak English. I took his shirt from the lounger and threw it overboard, amazing how much English came out of his mouth.
  4. Going to the muster station is what I always read. This person was a IT tech.
  5. Wife was told this morning by Celebrity if she watches the drill on her I phone she does not need to get her card scanned, True?
  6. Received mine today for 9-17 sailing. Ordered 6 days ago.
  7. Called TA and Celebrity, both said embarkation day does not count so the 15/16 th will work.
  8. Does anybody know what days are counted. We cruise n the 17th and am scheduled for 15 th test. Does embarkation day count?
  9. Be careful, I had a sugar free at dinner. Later up at lido I saw the same desert and Was told it was gluten free not sugar free
  10. Because some lawmakers relative owns a plastic company. Here in California markets make you buy them but if you go to Home Depot they give them away. B
  11. Amazon sells various sizes cheap, great for dog walks.
  12. Zeke, read the thread without giving sarcasticremarks
  13. Read my last post, I admitted I was wrong, Really?
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