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  1. If tipping charges bother you this much, go to GS and have them reduced or elimated, no need to have pages of what YOU think is s right. Get real people, flame on because I do not care.
  2. Thanks, Was on the same cruise.
  3. Does Nola have a Global Entry line, also posted in ports
  4. Does Nola have a Global Entry line? Thanks
  5. I hope you meant stainless. I will bring my own plastic since the eco ones come in plastic
  6. On the same sailing and first time on NCL, most other lines want you off by 9:30 -10 to get the ship ready for the next sailing.
  7. Be careful, got sugar free in the MDR. And it was great. Later saw the same at the buffet and was told it was glueten free.
  8. Goggle the plastic patch, it is right between San Francisco and Hawaii, but no reports from a single cruise ship or passenger. Is it really there?
  9. So why no one goes to clean it tells me it is not that bad. You would think enviromentalist would have this under control.
  10. Marion mom, I have done the roll up and there is still dripping, Please consider the next passenger. It is not your ship. Did I type that ok? P.S. I do think and that’s why I do not live in PA.
  11. So you want to soak the carpet for the next guest. Use the line in the shower.
  12. Bam1957, I agree. Was on a cruise and 6 guys stayed in the hot tube for hrs and always had a bucket of beer. I just take a hot shower if something is sore.
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