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  1. We don’t worry about it. I can do 1000 miles in 5 hrs in my airplane with 100 lbs of baggage. Unless a major storm comes thru it is usually a 1 day wait. The best part is no TSA.
  2. We used overseas Adventure Travel. Cruise starts in Split and ends in Greece. 50 pax boat. Fun cruise. Starts in Zagreb sand bused to split.
  3. We ate in Blu every night, just had salads in the buffet for lunch. The thing that made no sense was the casino. They hade every other seat tagged for distancing but in the bars including the casino bar no tags.
  4. Millennium for Sept 17 cruise was 29%. No lines for anything and crew was happy to see customers.
  5. Things blow off cruise ships all the time.
  6. I bet he will not steal a chair again. I solved the chair hog problem. And yes I still bring plastic straws with me.
  7. Took a dip n Solarium pool and when I returned to my seat a couple was there. My glasses and room key where still on the table. He would not move and pretended not to speak English. I took his shirt from the lounger and threw it overboard, amazing how much English came out of his mouth.
  8. Going to the muster station is what I always read. This person was a IT tech.
  9. Wife was told this morning by Celebrity if she watches the drill on her I phone she does not need to get her card scanned, True?
  10. Received mine today for 9-17 sailing. Ordered 6 days ago.
  11. Called TA and Celebrity, both said embarkation day does not count so the 15/16 th will work.
  12. Does anybody know what days are counted. We cruise n the 17th and am scheduled for 15 th test. Does embarkation day count?
  13. Be careful, I had a sugar free at dinner. Later up at lido I saw the same desert and Was told it was gluten free not sugar free
  14. Because some lawmakers relative owns a plastic company. Here in California markets make you buy them but if you go to Home Depot they give them away. B
  15. Amazon sells various sizes cheap, great for dog walks.
  16. Zeke, read the thread without giving sarcasticremarks
  17. Read my last post, I admitted I was wrong, Really?
  18. Thanks all, I went back and reread the description. I guess I got the Global card mixed with the passport card. I will still carry both.
  19. No, a Global Entry Card Permits you to exit customs in expedited lines. Read so where it can be used to board aircraft with out a enhanced drivers license.
  20. Has anybody used a Global Entry Card instead of passport going to Mexico. Not leaving till May, have both but hate carrying more paperwork that’s needed
  21. Will a AGlobal Entry Card work for the passport. I have both, just trying to cut down all the paperwork.
  22. How slow will it be if most people have the package. We sail in Sept.
  23. Did goggle it before I asked, it says the sheet you fill out has times. Nothing else about departure times, thought past cruisers that used it could answer.
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