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  1. Ok - that’s a pretty nice deal. I would definitely take the refund ... unless RCCL offered a deal like this one, then I’d really have to think it through. We have a cruise at the beginning of April, and I haven’t cancelled it yet, partly because we’re not 100% sure that w’re cancelling (though we’re more certain every day, as this progresses), but partly because we’d rather RCCL cancel it than us.
  2. So we haven’t been yet ... but ... as far as perfectly free stuff to do - there’s hanging out on the beach, playing in the ocean (and there are a few different free beaches), eating at the food / snack places on the island, and the main pools. Then you can pay a small fee for a couple things like snorkeling or renting a kayak. (Or you could bring your own snorkel equipment and do that for free.) We went to Disney’s private island, and it was fabulous. A bit crowded, but absolutely amazing. We’re looking for a similar experience. I’m hoping my kids don’t freak at not being able to
  3. I’m new to this too - so I’m glad you posted. If your cruise is in March, how have you already missed the opportunity to book? My cruise is in the beginning of April, and those activities haven’t shown up yet on my cruise planner. I was considering buying “The Key” for my family, so this might push us over the top on that. (Which I’m sure is what they want, lol)
  4. I made dining reservations for My Time dining a couple months ago within the cruise planner, and I was looking around a few days ago, and realized they’re all missing. I just checked again, and they’re still not there - not on the cruise planner online, or on the app. I did get an email confirmation after I made all the reservations at the time. Is this just par for the course or do I need to re-do them all ...?
  5. This is great, thanks! Remind me, are drinks over a certain price *not* included in the deluxe drink package?
  6. If “being a follower” lines up with my values, specifically around respect and kindness, then yeah, sign me up. I also cover my nose and mouth when I sneeze, return shopping carts to the cart corral, and wash my hands after I use the toilet. I’m such a sheeple, a follower, a fundamentalist .... I’m trying to think what else y’all called us in this thread. Lol
  7. Great review - thanks so much for posting! We’ll be on this itinerary next year, so it was fun to hear about your experience. I’m trying to figure out what to do during that day in Port Canaveral as well ... I woulnd’t mind a day at Disney Springs ... but I could probably do without the outlets specifically (I live near some pretty good outlets so, meh). So, IDK. Loved hearing your tips & review overall!
  8. Oh this is the best. So here’s my advice. The next cruise, spa, or dinner or whatever typical tipping situation you go into, please do tell the service provider *in advance* that you will *not* be providing a tip in cash.... but that - GOOD NEWS - because *much better* than cash, you will be giving him or her a hearty handshake and making an *actual connection* with them instead.
  9. Ok so now we’re getting somewhere. All snark aside, I think this is the difference between me & you. I don’t consider it to be extra. I consider it as integral to the bill as, for example, the tax. Yeah I’ll adjust it up (*maybe* down but that’s gotta be for something big and I’m not even getting into that right now), but a tip is what it is, period, end of story. For example, if I walk into a restaurant with $100 in my pocket, I’m certainly not going to be all “cool, I can order $93 worth of food and drinks, considering I’ll be charged 7% tax.” Because I know i need to add ti
  10. Wait - so now tipping is “extra” and “donating?” Y’all are really something else. To have done those mental gymnastics to save yourselves the money by cheating others out of their tips. I mean really. Have fun waiting in the line though, I guess? Lol. My time is worth more than that, especially on vacation.
  11. If you can’t afford - or don’t want to pay - the usual (i.e. typical, standard, whatever you want to call it) tip for whatever service you’re partaking in, then you should not be booking that service. This is different than deciding that the service was sub-par. A decision like that would come *after* the service was rendered. People removing gratuities ahead of time on a cruise and consistently tipping less than the standard amount? That’s a pretty terrible behavior, because those folks have decided in advance. And not only that, but they seem to be twisting themselves in knots t
  12. For my spring break trip, it’s been hovering between $61-65 per person, which is a bit high for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on Black Friday!
  13. Great review! We’re in a cabin a few down from yours in April for a cruise down to the Bahamas, so I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks for sharing!
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