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    Bonine or Dramamine??

    Thanks SO much for the replys! I had purchased Bonine and I think I will stick with that one since the majority rules!LOL!! :D
  2. I know there is a teen club, but I was wondering if there is a place for my 9 and 6 year old go cut loose and do some dancing.:cool:
  3. Which do you prefer??? I'm just trying to get things ready for our cruise in 13 days!!!:D
  4. my4guys

    Promowave question....

    No new update yet. Do they post a special every Tuesday or just once in a while??
  5. I know that the new promowave specials come out on Tuesdays. Is there a certain time that they are posted? It doesn't look like it was updated yet.
  6. No, I'm not a senior. But, my cruise isn't listed on the senior specials anyways. I am on the Explorer leaving on Oct 15.
  7. Thanks Sue! I emailed customer service since they are already gone for the day. At least it will show that I emailed them on Tuesday. Does anyone else have any suggestions??????? Please!!!!;)
  8. my4guys

    Suggestions cruising with 5

    I booked an interior room across the hall for my 3 sons and DH and I will be staying in a balcony room across from them.
  9. It shows on Promowave that our interior room on the cruise we booked for October is at $499, we paid $629 and would love to be able to get the difference. Does Royal Caribbean honor the Promowave discounts?? I called RCI twice today and was basically shot down. I have to call customer service tomorrow. Any information about this I would be grateful!!!! TIA!!!
  10. my4guys

    What is there to do in the evening??

    I don't think there are any age restrictions. I have found online that you can get tickets for children under 6.
  11. my4guys

    What is there to do in the evening??

    Here is a link with info: http://www.hawkinsisland.com/home.htm
  12. my4guys

    What is there to do in the evening??

    Thanks so much Trish! That really helped me out! This is going to be a blast!! :)
  13. my4guys

    What is there to do in the evening??

    Thanks Trish! We are going on RCL Explorer of the Seas. This is our very first cruise anywhere. We are very excited. I HAD planned on doing the Hartley Undersea walk but I'm not sure yet. I was concerned about the cooler water temps. I am thinking that since we really only have about a day and a half there that maybe we should just do some shopping and site seeing. Have you done the "don't stop the party carnival"? I am trying to figure out if it would be worth the $. I have a feeling my kids would enjoy it. :)
  14. my4guys

    What is there to do in the evening??

    Thanks so much! We will be docking in Kings Wharf. I am thinking of doing the "don't stop the party" thing. It is my husband, I and our 3 sons (12,9 and 6) Any ideas you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!:)
  15. my4guys

    What is there to do in the evening??