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  1. @Docker123 that’s what I thought but when I researched after purchase this is the info I found.
  2. Dave, Thanks for your suggestion. It's more about traveling and having to pack my camera in my checked luggage. I want the Camera with me and my flight doesn't allow a carry-on.
  3. it's more the added weight and desire to have my Camera with me and lack of ability to bring a carry-on with Untied Airlines. I don't want it backed in my checked luggage. I'll check out the straps your suggesting for future trips. Thanks so much.
  4. Thanks for the input. I like your suggestion for a bridge camera. I'm not planning on making any mural sized photos either. I like the idea of a bridge camera to save space. United Airline doesn't allow a carry-on, so the weight of my Nikon and desire to back it separate from my checked bag is my primary concern for wanting a smaller and easier to manage camera. I'm going to check out the Cannon you recommended and make a decision. I know my local Wal-mart just marked down the CannonSX530.
  5. I'm so glad to see your post. I too love to see photos of the food so that I can have a better idea of what to expect. Meals are an experience and we eat with our eyes as well. I'll be going on my first cruise in May 2020 to Alaska and can't wait. I'm a real foodie and love wonderful meals, so I'm hoping to learn more about what to expect. Happy sailing.
  6. I have a Cannon DSLR and Nikon D90, but looking for a bridge camera to take on my cruise to Alaska, do any of you have a suggestion for something that's reliable, higher photo quality than your typical point in shoot or phone camera? I've been looking at the Panasonic Luminex LZ85 I think is the model and some of the Kodak and Cannon models. I'd like to stay in the 200-300 range, as I already have other cameras for use at home, I just don't want the extra weight on the flight and cruise. Thanks
  7. Hi ChicagoPaul, Could you please share what type of camera you took on the trip?
  8. Hi everyone, Looking for suggestions on the best camera to take on cruise to Alaska. I don't want to bring my DSLR, it's bulky and will take room in luggage, so I'm looking for suggestions on a Bridge Camera to bring. For those who have taken the cruise, I will be going May 2020 out of Vancouver. I've seen lots of great pictures posted on these forums, but not sure what everyone is shooting with. I don't want to rely on a cell phone as they do not produce the quality of pictures that I am looking for. Suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm just counting the days and reading ev
  9. Reading your journal about the cruise makes me even more excited for mine in May 2020. I also wanted to say I hope your daughter is doing well and that she will continue to do well. What a wonderful way to celebrate her survivorship. F###Cancer is so true. Here's to many more trips to you, your wife, beautiful daughter and soon to be son-in-law.
  10. I have so enjoyed reading about your cruise. We will be cruising to Alaska May 17, 2020. I'm even more excited about our cruise after reading about yours. Can't wait. Loved all the pictures and your honest detailing of the cruise and Vancouver.
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