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  1. Exactly what i was thinking. As the more im thinking about it i think were also going to cancel . Ive thought it over and over and as much as i hate to cancel~ 1. it will save me a trip by car to Miami😁 2. not having to repeat this itinerary. Been to those islands a lot. 3. i really wanted to go on the Explorer (so excited she was back stateside) and visit overnite in Aruba. This sounded so awesome. Very sad about this change!!! I know with everything going on there would be changes. Just have to go with the flow at the moment. I just hope we can still go on our April 11 2021 cruise.
  2. Not to happy about this either. we,re on the April 1 2022 sailing . and the ships are totally different Radiance is so much smaller. Explorer was our home away from home for so many years in NYC. we even took her 14 day repo. Then she went to Europe i was so sad. then i heard she would be back stateside i was thrilled. So sad in CT
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. Only time will tell. As long as we can get on the ship ill be happy with whatever🥰 Liz💐
  4. Im trying to place where the restrooms were in the CL LOL But thanks for the diagram for the DL Lol
  5. Thank You. I loved the CL lounge on Quantum. We were on the Anthem a few years ago and for the life of me i cant remember if we used the CL🤣 It was a hike but so worth it. The view was amazing and it was so spacious. I forgot about the bathroom LOL 😆 Liz💐
  6. Thank You! Hopefully thats not the case. do you happen to know if the D lounge has a cappuccino maker
  7. Hi Everyone Hope you all are staying well!! We are so anxious to get back on a ship.🥰 Mask or not!! We have Anthem booked for next April and we are in a Junior suite🥰. Its kind of confusing as there are so many policies for the ships within Royal i need to ask > What are the policies for the CL ? We are also Diamond Plus and when we sailed on Quantum in a regular balcony we were allowed in the CL being D+. So can anyone clarify what the perks are there for a JR suite and D+ and if we can use the CL? Thank you Stay Safe Liz💐
  8. Hi Were D+ and sailing in a JS for our upcoming April 2021Anthem cruise~~ praying!! Id like to know if its worth it to purchase the Key. Thank You
  9. Hi Just wondering if the Coastal Kitchen is available for Junior suite guests on Anthem Thank You
  10. Thank you!! This brought tears to my eyes!! Your photos are beautiful and it was so nice to dream for a little while. We have the Getaway for December booked this year which i hope will be a go. Liz
  11. Thank you so much for your help. I decided just to look to see if Resortforaday had an excursion through them. found it and booked with them. They were only $5more pp over the price of $55 for the day pass through the hotel directly. I really wanted a resort with amenities especially a pool. The seaweed has been atrocious when we were in the Caribbean this summer. You could not go in the water. Fortunately Coco Cay through Royals stop was fine. Thanks again Liz
  12. Leaving in December for a Christmas stop in Cozumel. I was looking for something different to try having been to Nachi Cocom many times I tried to find a way to contact the hotel for a day pass without much sucess. Is it possible to just show up at Allegro to purchase day passes? Or is this something we need to book a head of time? Thank You
  13. Thanks Grapau27 Thank You for your kind response My apologies for dredging up an OLD tread. Didn't mean to offend anyone!! I haven't been on Royal in the past 3 years and wasn't sure what to expect. So thank you for your understanding Liz💐
  14. Thank you Kernow!!🥰 Good to know. We like to make everyone Jealous back home😁 Liz🌺
  15. We haven't been on Royal in about 3 years. We're D+ and and sailing on the Symphony in 2 weeks🥰 There has been talk of Royal eliminating another perk to the C&A benefits. Can anyone clarify if D+ is getting the 2 days per member of free internet? Thank You Liz🌺
  16. Hi FamilygoBoston, Looks like you're having an amazing time. Thank you so much for your review and beautiful pics. I have a question about the dock in Crown Bay which we have docked in before but i cant remember seeing a windmill. My tour guide has said as soon as we dock we'll see a windmill and just past that he will be waiting for our group with our name. Do you recall seeing a windmill? LOL I hope he's not thinking of Havensight😕 Thank you have a great time!! Liz
  17. Thank You Gator for taking the time to inform us where there are smoking areas. While i don't smoke a lot i like to have a cig with a cocktail LOL I certainly don't want to offend anyone so i appreciate where the designated areas are. Just hope they have an area by the Bungalows. Maybe you can help me out a little more. I rented a bungalow not a cabana. i think i read somewhere that these bungalows are on South beach? I've looked over the maps but i cant seem to find exactly where these are. Would you happen to know by any chance? Thank you i appreciate your help Liz💐
  18. Looking forward to your review. We sail on her July 13~~so excited.
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