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  1. Me too! I am on Indy next week, CAN'T WAIT!
  2. Good Friday Afternoon Cruise-Critic! 15 days until we leave on Indy out of Galveston for our Honeymoon! My wife and I are both vaccinated, but 5:30 was too early, 8 pm too late for us to eat dinner. We like the 6-6:30. My time dining choices on Cruise planner starts at 7:30. For the lucky folks who have been out on your cruise already - what is the current status of the MDR for My time when Vaccinated? How long of a wait? I have read MANY live feeds, but with the limited capacity and with what looks like most had the early or late dinner, wanted to get some input on any My Time experiences. Thanks in advance, have a great weekend CC family!
  3. Thanks for the real time responses! Test already scheduled for 3 days before, ready to go!
  4. My wife and I just got an email from Royal about our August 22nd cruise on Indy out of Galveston. Will copy and paste below, but Wife and I are both vaccinated (with information provided during check in), already have our Antigen test scheduled for 3 days before, but then we got this. Happy to sign up for it, but it says in bold not for vaccinated passengers. I am the only one on the email even though it says "One of your below guests needs to get an At port PCR Test". Anyone else get this? I am in meetings all day or would Call Royal and ask..... So confused, but still excited. They can swab me as much as they want as long as I get to go on my 3 time rescheduled Honeymoon! Dear Guest, As promised, we’re reaching out with details about scheduling your boarding day PCR test for COVID-19, conducted by our medical services partner, BioReference Labs. For your safety, all unvaccinated guests ages 2 and older are required to take this test during check-in on boarding day (plus, a debarkation antigen test, which we’ll share more details about once you’re onboard). It's important to register for your boarding day PCR test as soon as possible to avoid delays in your check-in process. If you're vaccinated, you don't have to complete this registration for yourself. However, you may have received this email because the guest below may need to undergo boarding day testing. Please share this information with them or complete it for them if they are your minor child. PCR Test Registration Details Booking ID ALL PERSONAL DATA REMOVED t Register for your test Each guest must use their unique Reference ID listed above when registering with BioReference Labs. If you or someone in your travelling party has not received an email including a unique Reference ID, please contact us at 954-628-9290 or 1 (800) 256-6649. Parents, you’ll need to register for your children under 18 years old using your child’s unique Reference ID. Issues registering for your boarding day PCR test for COVID-19? Contact us at 954-628-9290 or 1 (800) 256-6649. Click here to register with BioReference Labs to schedule your PCR test for COVID-19. Boarding day Testing is being held at the cruise terminal, where you’ll check-in. All unvaccinated guests ages 2 and up will be required to take this test in order to board. Guests under 2 years of age will not be tested. It’s important that you show up exactly at your selected check-in time. Otherwise, you may be asked to return at a later time. If you're feeling unwell, please stay home and contact us at 954-628-9290 or 1 (800) 256-6649. We will gladly work with you to reschedule or refund your cruise. After your test Our testing partner, BioReference Labs, will provide your results via email. Please note, your results will also be shared with Royal Caribbean International. If your result is negative and you’re approved to sail, we’ll look forward to welcoming you onboard! If your result is positive or inconclusive, a pier agent will share next steps with you. Rest assured, we will take care of you. And remember, please stay safe – it's important to continue wearing your mask, keeping a safe distance from others, washing your hands often, etc. We’re looking forward to seeing you onboard! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International http://edocs.rccl.com/guestdocs/edocs/images/royal/colorbar_TRP.jpg ©2021 Royal Caribbean International. All Rights Reserved.
  5. Lol - as long as I keep her out of the art Auction, I am still considering it a Victory. Thought a Jacuzzi tub or Hot Tub on the deck might help with that. Cheers!
  6. Wife and I are finally going on our Honeymoon - 2 years later...... Thanks to our favorite pandemic. Anyways, we are in a spacious balcony currently, but Royal Up was just offered for our August Cruise out of Galveston. I am bidding on a Junior Suite, Grand Suite 1 Bedroom, and an Owners Suite because the bids were reasonable. The Royal Suite is available at $800 per person starting (Max Bid $1,000), and it has some great amenities, but the upgrade would cost the same as what we paid for our original cruise fare. I figure for a honeymoon it might be worth it, but with the ship being at limited capacity, would it really be worth it? Would love everyone's input, and any experiences you may have had in a Royal Suite to sway my vote one way or another. 🙂
  7. Do you remember what the minimum was?
  8. Only our 2nd cruise, other one was closer to stairs than this, but with a lower capacity sailings, seems like halls wouldn’t be busy.
  9. So, got our assignment, went from the middle of the hump to an Aft Spacious cabin. (8688) should I push to move back to the hump, or keep the slight upgrade? I will be trying for a royal up JS, but don't want to rely on it.
  10. And the saga continues, I got three more emails tonight, one telling me that I owe a balance for the things I booked that I mentioned earlier, and two emails for items I booked as gifts or add-ons to the room. This is our honeymoon cruise, but because of Covid it’s been delayed, so we’re gonna be celebrating our honeymoon, my wife’s birthday, and our two year anniversary on the same cruise. Felt a little insulting to get charged by Royal for all these add-ons where it still shows liberty, I just wish we could get it all straightened out ASAP. I checked my credit card, and sure enough they charge me for the room add-ons and gifts tonight. C’mon man!
  11. That is AWESOME if it happens.... 🙂 Thanks so much for that insight. I am just ready to have my new booking! 59 days out!
  12. Well, at least you got moved. I am on 8/22, still showing canceled, and now getting notices that I have an outstanding balance for things I had planned (Ship tour and Chefs Table) on Liberty! Going to be upset if they move us last minute and then we don't get to book our onboard events because they are sold out and pay full price for drink packages...... Had them booked for $43 on liberty.
  13. I called today about my August 22 independence cruise Change from the liberty, was told they’re definitely behind. Seems like they would do the early cruises before the later ones. Just get me on a boat please!
  14. Excited for you, but love the user name more! I’m on my fifth beagle, Bentley Bea the bougie Beagle!
  15. The wife and I are on the August 22 sailing for our honeymoon, but here it is June 18 Which was the day they said everything should be transferred, and we still show a canceled cruise. Just checking to see if anyone else has been moved yet, or if they are just behind. Excited to get on the boat, but we’re closing in on 60 days, and I’m still showing a canceled cruise and getting antsy. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!
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