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  1. Will be in Haven on Epic on a TA. Do you think the Spa pass would be worthwhile considering how the Haven pool area is (Do have some OBC to burn as well)?
  2. All the seafood dishes look fantastic via your blog! Great weather too it seems.
  3. From the photos seems the Veuve Clicquot is no longer on the premium plus beverage package, sad 😔
  4. Looks great! Hope the District still has a nice selection of brews!
  5. Has anyone seen/posted an updated La Cucina menu?
  6. So will be on the haven (hopefully) in April 2022, any info on the changes or just a YouTube video?
  7. Looks awesome, hope you had some nice Kona coffee!
  8. I find the new interior much nicer, love the lighter shades/whites and such. Excited to see it in person next year!
  9. Does Haven still have free access to Posh?
  10. Any idea if they are doing any major changes interior wise or just some TLC? Hoping to have a great TA cruise in 2022 on the Epic!
  11. Seems absolutely crazy to be able to fly home tomorrow. Hopefully is a chartered flight with only cruise guests with minimal contact at arriving airport(s), most likely more people have COVID but not testing positive yet.
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