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  1. Spoke with the my PVP yesterday. He said the fully expect an announcement from Princess this week about what the CDC has said. I totally expect my cruise. to be cancelled. Was optimistic for a while but I will be cashing out now and going on vacation somewhere for our 25th wedding anniversary. I will try cruising again once things settle.
  2. I have done a lot of research and have decided to up my budget a little. I am looking at the Canon SL3. If I can find a good Black Friday deal, I may go up to the canon 90d but I don’t think the price will drop that low. any thoughts on these two cameras?
  3. Please let us know what your TA says. I am curious as this has been rumored but never verified for US cruising.
  4. The Crown is the ship doing Alaska, Mexico, and California Coast I starting in May 2021. I have a two week Alaska cruise in it.
  5. you gotta think these cruises will be cancelled or it will become a requirement. All cruises so far have required this. I can’t imagine Princess (or the port cities) would want people Walking around willy nilly without any controls. Unless they have some serious testing onboard.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article246620348.html
  7. Does anyone have any experience with the Canon G7X Mark 2? I have seen good things. I plan to compare against the cameras suggested but wanted to see any opinions on this camera.
  8. Absolutely love these cameras but unfortunately outside of my budget. Hopefully I can find a good Black Friday deal or something.
  9. My wife and I are going to cruise to Alaska next summer (fingers crossed). We want to invest in a good video camera to document our trip but dont want to break the bank. We have looked at the GoPro's as I have heard they are good, reliable, waterproof cameras. I dont know if anyone has any suggestions on other cameras? Thanks... EB
  10. Very nice! Celebrations everywhere! Congrats!
  11. My main concern now is the Canadian ports. US cruising looks like it may be slowly starting. Our cruise is 7/17 out of LA. Keeping our fingers crossed as it will be our 25th wedding anniversary.
  12. I know our cabin was much lower. On the Sun, our price minus taxes was $4398. On the Crown it was $3118. With the difference plus the 25% FCC, I was able to book a 10 day mexican cruise that will only cost me the tax/port fees. Very happy camper now.
  13. I rebooked for the 17th also. I am not sure why the price difference is so substantial. Des anyone know? I ended up having enough cruise credit left to fully pay for a 10 day cruise to Mexico on the Grand Princdss in 2022 (minus taxes and fees). Does anyone know why it was so much cheaper? I expected it to be the same or more then the Sun cruise.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I am going to decide this weekend but overall, I am thinking inside will be best for the situation. As part of my Sun cancellation, I will be getting $1100 and while it brings me close to a balcony. I still would have to find another $1300 or so.
  15. I am going on the Crown Princess next summer to Alaska. I have a few balcony questions for people who have been on a balcony on an Alaskan cruise. 1) I am curious which side of the ship is best for a balcony. The cruise starts and ends in LA so it isn’t a North or South bound cruise where the side is obvious. 2) How much light gets in when the blinds are closed? My wife is a very light sleeper and hates sunlight waking her up. Will it be fairly dark when the blinds are closed? 3) Does the balcony and the large glass window cause the room to be too cold in an Alaskan
  16. I am not sure if it is allowed but can you post the itinieraries and possibly the pricing so I get an idea of what it will cost me. If not, I udnerstand completely. Just curious and want to see if the intinerary is the exact same as what I had for my 7/17 Sun trip.
  17. I honestly am not 100% sure. When the Sun cruise was cancelled, they said it would take several weeks for the money I had paid to be converted to a FCC. My PVP put a hold on a cabin I wanted on a Vancouver cruise to Alaska until my Sun trip converted to FCC. This week, my PVP and I talked about the LA cruise. When it goes on sale 10/7, he will again put a hold on the cabin I want and move my FCC to that cruise when it comes. I had paid $4400 of my cruise so with the extra 25%, I should be able to pay for the cruise sailing. I will only need to come up the port fees and taxes on final payment d
  18. Very sad to hear about Roz. I didn’t know her as I am fairly new to cruising but I wish all her family and friends condolences. I was on the 7/17 cruise. I was on the roll call for The 7/17 In the Sun. I am not sure if a new one will be created for the new Crown cruises or they will just take over the old Sun roll call threads?
  19. No. His name is Tyler. He is very good.
  20. Thanks! there are two announced for LA to Alaska. One on the 3rd and one in the 17th. Both are for 14 days. can I have the link to the port schedule. Was trying to find the other day with no success
  21. My PVP called me today. He was on avacation last week so this was the first time I had talked to him since the new cruise itinierary was announced. I asked himif he knew what the ship was. He said he believed he had saw in one of his emails (was catching up from vacation) that it was going to be on the Crown. This seems to be in line with what alot of people have been thinking. Just wanted to update all of the La to Alaska people on this.
  22. Just got off the phone with my PVP. The room upgrade sale has been extended until 11/30.
  23. I know they went on sale for 2021 in early December of 2019. That would be around the time in a normal world. As everyone said, with the chaos still going on with the 2021 schedule, it will probably be delayed.
  24. Thanks for the info. Turns out if I had waited 72 hours I wouldn’t have had to worry. They have opened up a new cruise from LA to Alaska. I will probably book that when it is available. I have some time to think it over but not flying during COVID time is a plus for me! thanks for the info. Didn’t know about the cabin situation.
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