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  1. I am relieved to finally have some closure on our July cruise. I knew we weren't going for some time now but waiting for Carnival to have more options. Just trying to decide now if I want to do the refund or FCC. About 2/3 of the balance is gift cards so probably FCC makes sense. There is always the chance of bankruptcy but I feel like Carnival is one of the better positioned lines and people aren't going to stop cruising forever.
  2. I've been going through the scenarios too. I probably have 2/3 paid with gift cards. I am leaning towards FFC but something else worth considering is I would have to rebook by the end of the year (for sailings thru 2022) so gift cards would give more flexibility if you want to wait to decide.
  3. Sure cruises bring lots of people close together but so do many other things. Are they going to close Disney World? I feel far more crowded there and if someone gets sick can they account for every person that was there that day like on a cruise? Only targeting certain things doesn't make sense. If you are going to quarantine you have to shut it all down like they did in China. Not necessarily advocating that just picking and choosing is not an effective strategy.
  4. I've been getting price drops on our July cruise but I've gotten them in the past too so nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. There is only one left in my category right now for 4 people so I am almost to the end of price adjustments unless something opens up.
  5. I tried to visit our last cruise but found it was closed due to an emergency somewhere else on the ship. It was interesting to see that backstage level (our waiter actually recognized us and asked us later if everyone was ok). My son had an allergic reaction to a nut on a dessert and I'd never experienced a food allergy before so I was a little overwhelmed what to do. Fortunately he only had a tiny amount and was just complaining of throat pain and his face was broken out so we self treated with Benadryl and he was doing good within an hour so we never went back.
  6. I can't answer the first ones since my Dream sailing is still upcoming but I can answer the Italian question. There is Pasta Bella which is a lunch option only. It is deck 11 AFT. It is one thing I've been looking forward.
  7. I thought maybe they did but I wasn't sure so I didn't want to mention it and give incorrect information. Living large is getting a balcony to me so I am not certain all the suite perks.
  8. Boarding time is going to vary based on how long it took to clear the ship. I've heard a lot of people advise to arrive around 10 or 10:30 at the port but for me I'd rather avoid waiting than be among the first on the ship so I shoot for around 11 so that either boarding is underway or will begin fairly shortly.
  9. Same. I usually agonize so much over the decision of which room to book it would take a pretty amazing offer to lure me away which usually there is enough people willing to take ok offers that they don't offer me an amazing deal.
  10. If you arrive after boarding has started then you join the special FTTF line. We basically didn't stop walking once we arrived at the terminal.
  11. The check in times apply to people without priority boarding. Once the ship is cleared the order is weddings, diamond/platinum and then FTTF.
  12. The people in the pictures were all wearing face masks. If you search for n95 masks on Amazon you get get a multi pack for like $25 bucks. Maybe you are thinking of a different type of mask. Even if you go for the 3M ones you still can get a 10 count box for $25. If they can't spring for $2.50 a person then that is sad.
  13. That makes sense. The person quoted in the article I read sounded like they were staying just to avoid being exposed to everyone else but I could see staying behind for a loved one if they were not able to be evacuated.
  14. That's why I don't get why people chose not to be evacuated. Yeah I understand that getting thrown together as a group is scary and will potentially expose you to the virus but clearly the Diamond Princess is not capable of being an effective quarantine. You basically are waiting for it to slowly spread to you. I would put on a N95 mask and any other PPE they could provide me and take my chances getting out and getting to a place that can actually host a proper quarantine.
  15. I don't think this is controllable, the question is how bad it is going to get before it gets better. We'll just have to wait and see. I am glad we aren't cruising until summer so we have time to see how this develops.
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