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  1. looks amazing so far :) I have 3 questions: 1. Are there bowling lanes on the Encore? 2. Is seating for shows first come first serve? does that create a hysteria and early line ups at the theater? Can seats be reserved? 3. Can The Social or The Cavern be reserved ahead of sailing? Thanks!
  2. First video review I can find of an Encore stateroom. Anybody see any others?
  3. another question for the experienced cruisers :) does NCL update the room photos and floorplans once the ship begins sailing? Some of the rooms have one standard photo and floorplan per category even though the rooms in the category are not the same. i can see what i think are the real photos/floorplans on the Bliss or Joy, but not sure they are exactly the same on Encore...
  4. Thanks :) I'm sure it'll be awesome. As for the reservations, i also got email confirmations but i read in one of the other threads that someone had them disappear from their summary and now the restaurants for their cruise dates are booked up for the times they wanted. So i'm a bit weary about trusting the confirmation emails... hopefully they fix the issue. i did open a ticket so we'll see. Also can't wait for more pics and especially inside pics and videos and stateroom walkthroughs....
  5. I'm in the same situation - only thing i was able to book on Saturday was choir of man. and that's the only thing showing up on my summary. I couldn't book anything else online or on the mobile app. Called and agent and booked kinky boots and restaurants. not the summary shows "1 item booked" for the days i booked, but when i go into each day i can't see anything booked (only choir of man is still showing). i emailed the agent and she referred me to their tech department. I spoke to someone there and they opened a ticket and said they are looking into it. Was supposed to be fixed by today but i logged in again today and it's not. A bit worried my resos will be cancelled...
  6. Hi, First time cruiser here. Going on the Encore with my family in Feb 2020. We are very excited and I'm sure we'll have a blast for a first time cruise, even though this thread has definitely been hard to read with all the complaints. I do get it and obviously many of you are seasoned cruisers and you know what you're talking about, so thanks for all the honest info :) With that said, I will choose to remember mostly the good stuff, so thanks for the pics and the all the positive comments! I had a question on the NCL website and the mobile app. I am having problems booking on the site or the app. I called an agent and ended up booking with them. They sent me a confirmation for everything. But when i go on the site or the app, it only shows there is an item booked for a certain day and then when i go into that day it doesn't show what is booked. The only thing i see booked, is a showing of Choir of Man that i managed to book online by luck... I opened a ticket with NCL technical support but they haven't fixed it yet. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Thanks!
  7. yes, please... can someone send a link to the cam and not static stills? Thanks :)
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