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  1. Just announced Canada ports closed to cruise ships to Feb 22 at the earliest. Alaska and New England not happening this year
  2. it is amazing that the UK didn't institute this requirement some time ago with the rest of Europe and other countries around the world. I wish you well in Scotland and so sorry for the Tattoo cancellation. We had tickets for this summer's event along with our Scotland Intensive cruise which we cancelled in early March. So disappointed.
  3. The public health officer for BC may have something to say about this as no large gatherings( more than 50) are permitted and social distancing is required even with the phase-in. As long as international air travel is curtailed we won't have any cruise ships operating in Canada any time soon as well as the 14 day mandatory quarantine requirement. Too many variables are stacked against cruising now and for the foreseeable future.
  4. Sorry but Canada will review July 1 whether or not to reopen our borders and I would say that they will remain closed. Cruise ports are not on a priority list for authorities.
  5. My cruising days are over. Being over 70 places me in the high risk group. I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences I have encountered with Celebrity, RCCL and Azamara. The places I have seen would not have been possible had I not discovered the joys of cruising many decades ago. Now, I look at the photos screening on my TV and relive the experience in a small way. I am truly grateful.
  6. With the financial dilemma Carnival Corp and others is facing, I would not make final payment as the FCC should the voyage be cancelled might be just a piece of paper. I just can't cruise again until a vaccine is available as the risk is just too great. I doubt I will even get my deposit back on a cruise for this year.
  7. The way things are in the world right now. I sincerely doubt Canada will open its ports to any cruising this year.
  8. Dont forget self isolate for 14 days and dont leave your home.
  9. As a long time cruiser on Princess and another line, it is vital that that going forward no passenger is allowed to serve themselves in the buffet. Yes this does put a strain on the crew but it also protects everyone on board to minimize transmission of any virus. As one who experienced a horrible flu on board the Star Princess, I was aghast at the lack of effective control in the buffet. Passengers were restricted only after the noro virus also hit the vessel. Needless to say upon arrival at Vancouver, the ship was sanitized again. Over 1000 passengers on the ship were sick. The simp
  10. it is a matter of time before all travel insurers will invoke similar travel policy coverage restrictions. RBC hasn't said anything yet but again only a matter of hours or a few days and all Canadian insurers will follow Manulife. Time to roll the dice.
  11. Scotland Intensive, August 18, 2020
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