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  1. If Carnival decides to sail from non-US ports, I hope they could offer reasonable flights to these ports.
  2. Are you referring to the "Filter by:" that is below the Carnival logo in the upper left hand corner? I can still filter by Price.
  3. Sorry I wasn't more clear. You're right, my Y didn't buy the vaccines, they were provided by the gov't. The Y was able to set up appointments for employees (seems like setting up appointments is kinda difficult) that we were able to select from. The shots were given at a large space at a mall run by volunteers. And you are also right, I do like the sailor from the Village People. 😉
  4. I work for the local YMCA and they had vaccines available to employees that wanted one, starting yesterday. I got my first shot. Maybe the cruise lines can do something comparable.
  5. That is pretty much the same dinner situation for us @Jenjer. My youngest DD is the social butterfly while my oldest DD is happy to read a book lounging on the pool deck. We look forward to dinner not only to hang out together but to also hang out with our MDR staff. Since my DDs were 7 & 9, they loved getting to know our wait staff. By the end of our cruise we were takin pics with the wait staff and my DDs were hoping we would see them on another cruise. That's one reason I like Carnival, because they hire people who are caring and care about their work.☺️
  6. We will be on Magic right before you!
  7. Ah you don't know what your missing...sitting in a hot tub with snow falling, get out of hot tub, roll in snow, back in hot tub...wait I was 18 doing that. Okay, sitting in the hot tub with snow falling😜
  8. Yay!!! I was wondering how it went and so happy you won! Congrats!!
  9. You're right, no beach but a nice pool area with swim up bar. There is a bar at the top of the hill (a short hike) that has a great view of the cruise ship!
  10. I have skied at Park City and it was some of the best skiing I've ever experienced!😀
  11. I don't think there are any special happy hour prices for non-alcoholic drinks at Alchemy but the first night (and maybe other nights) there is a martini tasting, four small martinis of different flavors that you pick out. It's fun to watch the mixologist put it all together then pour into 4 glasses. Your 13 year old might find that fun to watch! Plus there is usually a special for the night, one Alchemy drink that is a dollar off. My teenage daughters would sit at the window ledge and enjoy a virgin drink. Now my oldest is almost legal🙈yikes!
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