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  1. Guess I’ll be in the naughty luggage room later today. I packed my kureg type coffee maker. The room coffee maker didn’t have Folgers available to buy. I’m a Folgers fan. I also drink coffee all day and half the night, have since I was a teen. Do not say call room service. It’s not Folgers and it’s slow. My luggage is in storage waiting for our boarding. I can’t get to it. We used the service. Oh well. Maybe the type of makers that come on, shoot out the water for individual cups and automatically shut off, like the ones in the rooms, will pass inspection. I will come back
  2. It hasn’t been mentioned, but books can be very unsanitary. Maybe the libraries have been shrinking for sanitary reasons. Video screens can be easily wiped while books cannot. Shared news papers can spread an illness quickly. Just a thought.
  3. Thanks everyone for the information. We are staying at a beach hotel the night before and I believe it is only 15 mins to the port that morning. It will be nice to relax getting ready but still be able to go when we are, instead of waiting until 1pm. I’m so excited now I don’t even want to imagine if I was waiting practically where I could see the ship! Sorry to the original poster, I didn’t mean to hijack your thread when I agreed with you about dragging carry on luggage. Now we both know that will not be an issue with HAL Yay!
  4. OMGoodness, that waiting is going to hurt. 👀😉 I surf the internet for pictures and reviews. repeat repeat
  5. ah, thank you richwmn I was wondering if that time was generic.
  6. The tickets for Feb. say board at 1pm So I would assume if I go any earlier, my room will not be ready. Its a Neptune suite for our anniversary. I would like to board early enough for lunch in the MDR or Pinnacle but with the time listed of 1 o’clock I’m thinking that will not work. I also will have carry on bags I do not want to drag around for a couple hours if I go early and the room isn’t ready.
  7. Hello I did a search for weighted blanket and got nothing. So has anyone else packed a weighted blanket for their trip? I received one a year ago Christmas and now love the thing. I’m not sure if I can sleep well without it. So I’m packing it in my carry on with the paper work and shoes that weigh down my checked luggage. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were weighted blankets that could be “checked out” or rented?
  8. Tom O. your answer is harsh. You won’t shame me for getting a case of beer at every port in Alaska and carrying a beer around. I am well behaved and enjoying my cruise. Don’t harsh my trip. I’ve also carried around my baileys and coffee in the morning, mimosa at brunch.... 🥂
  9. Wow! Cabo was packed with cruisers. Thanks for posting. You’re very good at this.
  10. The Netherlands is going to be used to describe what has been known as Holland according to this article So if there isn’t a Holland, Holland American Lines are now a collectors item 😀
  11. I get your point about the app. Why have it, a downloaded program on my phone, if common details are not available. I can use many ways to communicate with DH. We need ships information. We’re traveling the Panama Canal. I’m excited to see what information is available on the app.
  12. Wow! What a beautiful sunset for your sail away from Key West this eve. I watched the live cam on PTZtv, you guys were beautiful sailing passed the sunset
  13. Spoken like someone who has never had to choose between buying diapers or milk on the way home from work. Your good fortune in life shouldn’t be someone else’s misery. If their work has earned a gratuity from you, do not begrudge them their income. If you don’t believe in gratuities, do not participate in situations that normally require a monetary gratuity. I am sorry to the original poster for having their thread hijacked.
  14. I believe the poster has the how figured out, they’re ask amounts. tunafish has posted an amount that seems high to me. I would tip the manager for excellent service the equivalent of $20 per day, assuming only one meal per day because we eat in the main dining room for dinner (whom receive these same amounts) various for lunch. No tip for the manager if we were simply seated and he did no other service for us. The wait staff receive the equivalent of $10 per meal for excellent service with extra if we are being demanding or extra picky. We do not use the wine steward but do or
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