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  1. Thank you Rebecca for sharing these wonderful stories and photos!! Your Grammy will live long in the hearts of SO many!
  2. What a great tribute to such an amazing person! Thank you so much for sharing - she was an even more incredible lady than I already believed her to be! 🥰
  3. rangeley - Thank you for posting these pictures!! We will all miss Roz's larger-than-life personality, but to those of you who knew her best, I'm so sorry for your loss. ❤️
  4. I am so sad and heartbroken. I will miss seeing Roz’s weekly purple well-wishes and her enthusiasm for all thing travel! Roz and others on this forum gave me the confidence to cruise with my own service dog and I will be forever thankful!! Blessings to her family during this time of sadness.
  5. Every time Mavis and I have gotten in a line with some sort of detection dog, they have asked us to move to a different line where there isn’t a dog. I think it’s partially because Mavis looks so powerful that they are afraid she could injure the other dog. I’m always relieved because I’m pretty sure that the other dog would injure HER!! The detection dogs I’ve seen have always seemed kind of spastic and uncontrolled, not calm and obedient like Mavis. This scenario scares me and always gives me anxiety!
  6. Linda, I am SO sorry to hear of your freak accident!! What a way to spend the remaining weeks of summer. 😞 I hope you are able to heal quickly and thoroughly so that 2021 starts off where 2019 should have left off! 🤗
  7. I ran into this with the Bahamas too. I sent in paperwork without the certification explaining that there wasn't such a thing here, and they sent it back as incomplete. !?! After talking with them on the phone and making no headway (they told me that they had received certification in the past from service dog handlers from the US, which I suspect was from program dog handlers), I gave in. I had a card made with my dog's picture saying she was a service dog, her breed, her name, and my name. I sent a photocopy of that along with the same paperwork as before and it went through just fine.
  8. As far as I know, service dogs can be in any cabin that their handler chooses to pay for. We have to bring our own food, they do not provide food for the dog. My dog had a great time cruising - I'm not entirely sure she even understood that we were on a ship. I think she just thought we were visiting some weird village!! There was another service dog on board my last cruise, but my dog and her dog didn't play. They were both there to work. I guess if I travelled with a friend who also had a service dog, and the dogs got along nicely, I could see maybe finding a quiet nook to let them blo
  9. Yes! I'm not a hugger either. My side of the family gets that I'm this way, but my in-law side are super grabby and huggy. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable, but trying to explain this would only hurt everyone's feelings so I tolerate it. I will admit I am liking the social distancing. My comfort zone is when everyone other than my husband is 6 feet away, then I can relax and participate comfortably!
  10. Are you comfortable giving shots? In the livestock industry (I'm a farmer) we use injectable Fortified Vitamin B Complex when an animal is anorexic. It is very safe (for most conditions - check with your vet in regards to Cushings). Because it is a vitamin, any excess is excreted out in the urine. You can give it subcutaneously (under the skin) like many vaccines, or intramuscularly (into the muscle) like most antibiotics. We give it to critters whenever they feel blah - 2x/day for as long as it takes to get them perked back up and eating again. You should be able to pick up a bottle (it
  11. Not sure if you ever check out YouTube but there is a channel there called SGN (Some Good News) hosted by John Krasinski (aka:Jim in The Office). Very touching stories done from his home which include all sorts of celebrity cameos!! I always find myself smiling when I watch it (if not tearing up just a little bit!)! ❤️
  12. I have had phenomenal results using MSM on arthritic dogs! I give it 2x/day to bowel tolerance for a couple weeks, then back off to about half as much/day for maintenance. Happy to hear that sweet Horty is feeling better, Roz! That sounded terrifying!
  13. Oh for SURE. The small service dogs totally get picked on (not only by the public, but by other service dog teams too!). Half of my educational efforts are spent convincing people that a small breed like a Chihuahua can make a fantastic service dog. Maybe not for mobility or guide work, but they are excellent at medical alert and many tasks related to PTSD! I hear all the time silly comments like, "Oh, I can tell YOUR dog is a real service dog ... not like those little ankle biters I see in the grocery store!" It drives me nuts!
  14. Hooray!! Congratulations to you and Bella!! My girl did her Public Access test back in Oct 2017. You can see it on her YouTube channel Mavis & Me. I post all sorts of adventures that she and I take on there ... as well as some silly things that I want to share with my family and friends! It feels so validating to have that acknowledgement that your dog has been 'approved' by someone, doesn't it? I know that for me, I had this niggling feeling that I wasn't legit because I owner-trained Mavis and I have an invisible disability. Once I had a third party evaluator 'certify' her, it hel
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