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  1. We sailed last summer for 38 days (Vancouver to Hong Kong) and chose the Penthouse Veranda. The main difference over the Veranda/DV is that the stateroom is about 3 feet wider allowing for a reposition of the closet, a larger bathroom, a sofa & one chair and the addition of a dresser opposite the bed. This makes a huge difference for storage on longer cruises. We thought of trying to upgrade to a Penthouse Junior Suite (even more width) but found the PV was way more than sufficient and have booked two more cruises in the PVs. Highly recommend if you can stretch your budget a bit.
  2. WestW


    We were in 6010 PV (fore / port side ) and had no overhang. Great location, near stairs, convenient to Explorers' Lounge/Mamsen's. We have booked again for an upcoming cruise and will also be staying opposite side in 6007 (starboard) on another cruise.
  3. We were on the 38 day crossing from Vancouver to Hong Kong. The only "busy" times were on sea days and even then the free weights and circuit machines had just a handful of people using them. There were always treadmills open and only a few times were all 4 exercise bikes in use with only a brief wait before they became available.
  4. We spent 38 days on the Orion this past August / September. There is a cooking station aft port side near the bar. For dinner they often served made-to-order pasta, noodle bowls and stir fried dishes. With the diversity of eating options, we never longed for something not offered.
  5. Hi Bobcatcruiser Although not in the same age group as you (we are a mid-50s/mid-60s couple), we had similar concerns about fitting in given we are a gay couple. But given everything we read about Viking, we jumped right in and took the 38 day Vancouver to Hong Kong cruise this past August & September. It turns out Viking had promoted the cruise heavily in Australia and 50% of the passengers were Aussies, many in there 50s and 40s. We thoroughly enjoyed it, met two other gay couples and made connections with others. Given you are classical musicians, teachers and
  6. We were recently on the VIking Orion and found the plunge pool to be 55/56 degrees. The temperature is posted in the locker room. Regarding the Nordic bathing ritual tour, it sounds like you have enough experience to not need it. The layout of the spa was accurately discussed earlier.
  7. We completed the Vancouver to Hong Kong cruise this past August/September. We got lucky with the Bering Sea portion where we experienced only one "rough" sea day (3-4 meters - not bad). The leg was completed on August 25th when we ported in Russia. A couple of days of light showers in Alaska but nothing unbearable (temps in the 60s). Going west, we enjoyed gaining an hour each evening and, although the days are relatively shorter, we had 15 hours of daylight. We had no issues with busy ports - only tender in Alaska was in Ketchikan (popular cruise stop for Alaska only cruises).
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