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  1. It's funny because when I was first booking a ship, I didn't want Tracy Arm. Now, I do! I do like a smaller boat experience (option) as well to see it as an excursion!
  2. Yes, but there is a limit to how much we can afford on this trip. 🙂 I did contact vendors in regards to Tracy Arm as times online are for 9am departure. We dock a 9am. If someone can work with us- that sounds like a must do (although I worry then I'll be spending too much time on boats!). We are doing Major Marine Kenai Fjords 7.5 tour (almost 100% positive, still get nervous and hoping seasickness won't be an issue). We read about Denali, looked at reviews/blogs/videos/pics. Some reviews are "we saw a bear, a moose, some sheep far away". Someone said they only saw a few birds- nothin
  3. I have to admit when we were in Switzerland we did the glacier field ski lift flyover twice. We loved it so much! I probably would have done it a 3rd time!
  4. Avoiding crowds is ideal! I will look at the car rental option! If we do another sealife cruise/whale watch I think we'll do it in icy point.
  5. Those are really good points! We see Hubbard, not Glacier Bay. Tracy Arm just seems amazing, and so far our cruise isn't offering it on this sailing (others do have it listed). If not...another trip! 🙂 I do really like to just be out in nature, light hikes, looking at/ for wildlife. At this point, I am really hoping things look a lot more normal for 2021.
  6. We are in Juneau 9am-9am. There's a tour that goes to Tracy Arm but it departs at 815 or 9am (2 companies I saw that offered it). My husband will not do flightseeing and it's not a huge must do interest of mine (although looks amazing), mostly just due to the cost. Tracy Arm excursion looked spectacular though. We could rent a car in Juneau...what would you suggest we look at seeing with it?
  7. Very true...we've added 2 nts to our original plan to do things we've thought would enjoyable. A list of things for another time. Our budget determines some of our activities as well (do we need a 3rd sealife cruise in icy point as we're doing kenai fjords and 26 glaciers...yes I'd love to do it, but adds another $600 to our budget). If we can do the Tracy Arm excursion in Juneau, we will but so far appears we dock too late, so that put me with Mendenhall Glacier (but open to other ideas, although don't think we have the interest in our group, or budget, for flightseeing.) Ketchikan....wil
  8. And- I really value suggestions and insight. I feel I've read hundreds of trip reports, 2 guidebooks, several travel blogs, and a million forum posts. If there are things I should really consider, a better plan, items that clearly have minimal value and skipping is recommended, etc. I'd love to hear it. 🙂
  9. Thank you for your detailed response. Yes, I continue to read and revise based on recommendations and things I find of interest. Nothing is fully final. I do find our daily schedule pretty full with our outline of plans. Do you see something not on the list, in those areas, we should look at adding? Or things you'd think we should skip and recommend something else instead?
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