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  1. If your were flying into Heathrow today you would have been faced with up to a five hour delay to get through border control. A another reason never to never risk a long haul flight to arrive the day you sail.
  2. You can alter the one you have , don't try to do other one. Google how to edit or look on trip advisor search.
  3. Just had new Quiz sent an easy one this time about European cruises. That should be another 2 points. I will have over 50 points now and I have never sail with celebrity! I have had 3 sailings cancelled and have read so many pages on this forum I almost feel I have sailed . Who knows how many points I will have when I eventually go on my Asia cruise.
  4. Oh well I will just find an alternative 🤣
  5. Can I ask if any one knows how much you would be charge for San Pellegrino water if you only the classic package,?
  6. I have been reading how "everyone" seems to love the martini bar. I hopefully will be going on my first celebrity cruise in Feb 22. Will I be able to get a non alcoholic good looking cocktail with the classic package in the martini bar? My Husband will happily upgrade to premium package but as I don't drink alcohol there is no point in me upgrading. I know San Pellegrino water is in the premium package , is there a classic non brand alternative?
  7. I don't think when lift and shift was first introduced any one thought this would last this long. I think Celebrity will have to rethink some of the use buy dates of FFC and possibility L&S terms. I know they have increased the time on FFC but many people now have several to use. I don't think the end is in sight of the travel problems people are going to have.
  8. I do like club soda, just wish I could downgrade the package but I suppose because my husband would keep his package it is unlikely that mine could be changed. Can you bring on sparkling water for ports do you know?
  9. There is a premium non alcoholic beverage package
  10. Can anyone tell me if there is a non branded sparkling water that is included with the classic beverage package? I have the classic package but don't drink alcohol and would love to down grade to the premium alcohol free package as I enjoy the coffees, and juice drinks. The classic package was included in the fare and my husband will make use of it, but I feel I am not getting the same value if I have to pay to get sparkling water with my dinner.
  11. Hi, this will be our first cruise on Celebrity, I believe you can ask our room steward to empty the mini bar in the cabin. Does anyone one know if you can get unopened canned drinks and bottles of beer with your drinks package and store them in fridge? I like the idea of being able to pop out on the balcony with a cool drink without having to go to a bar and back. I would also like bottles of water in cabin to take with medication.
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